How To Start Your Own Online Fashion Store | Guest Post


Whether you have a degree in fashion technology or just an innate sense of glam that has never let you down, there’s a business opportunity waiting for you online. There is no doubt that the competition is tough, but London isn’t one of the “Big Four” fashion capitals of the 21st century for nothing!

There are so many parts to opening an e-commerce site that it would be impossible to fit all the advice here, so we will now concentrate on perfecting three core aspects of a web-based fashion store, which might just set you apart from the rest.

What are You Planning to Sell?

This is one of the most important aspects of your business; you need to decide exactly what you are going to sell and who your target customers will be. As you are not a multi-billion pound company, you need to adopt a different strategy. Target niche, local markets and stay small enough for the time being to avoid competing with the established big names in the business from day one. Decide on the products, genres, brands, etc., and stick to limited but specialised stocks for the time being.

Create Your Own Line

The thing is that it would be impossible for any small website to compete with the big boys because the kind of price they can offer to their customers is unmatchable. But, that only applies when you are retailing products made by others, not when you have your own line of clothes, cosmetics, shoes, etc. Once you have a separate brand of products that are only available in your store, it creates exclusivity and then the price becomes secondary, as no other store has what you have. Of course, the success of the brand will largely depend on the quality of the products and the company’s understanding of their target customers.

The Photos are All Important

As photos and videos are pretty much the only links that a customer has with the product shown by an e-commerce site, you cannot compromise here. Hire a product photographer to take the photos that you are going to upload on your site because this is a make or break move really. When a professional still life photographer captures the clothes, shoes, jewellery, cosmetics and whatever else you are planning to sell, the photos come out clear and of high quality, but that’s not the only reason why it’s a make or break step.

The thing is that when someone goes online to shop for a product, most of the times, he/she ends up seeing generic images of the same product on multiple sites. However, when the customer comes across a listing that shows them clear, high-resolution images highlighting the most important aspects of the product, the customer pauses and takes the time necessary to go through the pictures on the page and possibly some of the other listings as well. This may not always convert to a sale right away, but rest assured that serious customers are far more likely to come back at a later point after this experience. To achieve this same effect on your own site, it is important that you don’t just contact a random friend with a D-SLR, but an expert still life photographer for the job. You’ll want to find a photographer who has experience with people in your market, for example there’s the still life photographer Chris Howlett who has worked with House of Fraser as stated on his website If a big fashion brand like this one has worked with the photographer, that’s a sure sign of their reliability and skill.

Success depends on so many things these days that granular micromanagement is necessary – and that’s not something just everyone can do. These tips will help, but there’s always a lot more to learn on the job, so start small and never let things get out of hand before you are truly ready for the next step.[/pipdig_padded_text]

4 Cities In France To Visit If Paris Is Already Off The List | Guest Post


France is one of the most beautiful countries in the continent of Europe. The Mediterranean beauty is brimming with exquisite destinations that are perfect for your trip. For most of us, when you hear the word France, it is all about Paris and Eiffel Tower. But there is much more to it.

Exploring France will take you to places that you have only thought of in your dreams. The beauty is palpable and the experience will be deeply enriching. And food, well the French cuisine has all the elements to satisfy your palate in every way! No wonder, the French capital and all the other cities have emerged as famous stag and hen party destinations and are giving tough competitions to the English big daddy’s.

The country of the Eiffel Tower has many more cities that will have you in awe. We bring to you a list of equally beautiful cities that you can visit in France if you have already struck off Paris from the list.


The capital of wine is the best place for all those who enjoy a wine indulgence. This beautiful city is located in the Aquitaine region which forms the south eastern part of France. The city is full of fabulous bars that will provide you with a splendid experience of this national beverage. Head to Baillardran to have the very delicious canelés rom where you can go out for a stroll on the banks of the Garonne river. Bordeaux will let you feel the cool breeze blowing while you can splash the waters of the river in Miroir d’Eau at Place de la Bourse. And yes, you cannot miss the iconic view of the city from the Pey-Berland Tower.


If you are one of the those who get thrilled with the view of snow capped mountains and the thought of the adventure activities that the terrain has to offer, then Chamonix is your city. Located in the centre of the Rhone Alpes region, this city has everything that an adventure freak can think of and also hot chocolate. For the lovers of winter sports, when they are back from conquering the Alpine slopes, the city has got enough of life to offer you along with vin chaud (mulled wine). Chamonix is one of the cities that will give you a breathtaking view of the mountains from anywhere in the city to begin your day at a fabulous note.


The charming city of Marseille, located right at the banks of the Mediterranean is a pure treat to watch. The clear waters of the Med lined by the iconic monuments is a sight that will never get erased from your memory. The city is dotted with museums and stunning buildings but if there is one thing that should be the highlight of your Marseille trip, it should be Vieux-Port, the Old Port. if at all you ever get tired of the city’s hustle and bustle of the city, find your peace in the partially submerged pastoral steep-sided valleys with a sublime view in front of your eyes. The city is a dream come true for lovers of arts as you may get to see a street side musician, a dancer or an art exhibition in a lot of venues of the city.


The ‘pearl of the Alps’ or the ‘Venice of the Alps’ is a must visit place if you wish to have a venetian adventure the French style. Considering the French tourism scenario, Annecy is a hidden gem but that does not mean it will disappoint you in any way. With the beautiful Alps in the backdrop, your first stop in the city should be the Lake Annecy that merges into the Thiou River. The lake is crowded by tourists all during the summer. The chic cafes around the lake and the buildings with water around them are sure to give you a Venetian feeling. In spite of the other beautiful attractions in the city, do not forget to miss out the Château d’Annecy that towers over the town.[/pipdig_padded_text]

How To Get Your Fitness Plan Back On Track


When first starting a fitness regime, your enthusiasm will probably keep you on a winning pathway for several weeks. Once that initial excitement dies down, however, the results can start to fade very fast…

If you’ve found yourself in this situation, you are not alone. Nevertheless, it’s imperative that you take the necessary steps to regain control over your lifestyle. Frankly, the only way to do that is to identify your problems before rectifying them ASAP. Here are four that could be holding you back.

It’s Not Fun

The excitement of getting fit will serve you well throughout those early stages. Sadly, this won’t be enough to keep you coming back on a consistent basis for a sustained period. You must find a way to inject the fun factor.

Discovering which types of cardio and weight workouts are right for you can make a big difference. Meanwhile, enjoyable sports are an ideal solution too. Even if you don’t lose weight or gain muscle at the same rate as you would with other plans, slow and steady often wins the race.

Learning to love the process of getting fit is the greatest reward of all.

It’s Uncomfortable

A lack of comfort during workouts can lead to a range of problems, including irritations and injuries. Once this starts to occur, finding the motivation to keep up your routines and commitments can be very tough indeed.

First and foremost, you need to choose suitable footwear. This is especially true if you have high arches or another slight issue. On a similar note, Freya bras by Lingerie Outlet will provide the support needed to exercise in comfort. If the base layer is wrong, you will notice it.

Appearances might feel important as you hit the gym. In truth, though, comfort and performance are far more significant.

It’s Not Compatible With Your Schedule

Anyone can find a way to make fitness work for a few weeks. Committing to fitness on a long-term basis is a little different, though. Unfortunately, if it doesn’t fit around your schedule and other commitments, the fitness plan will be the thing to be sacrificed.

Modern life is hectic, and your schedule may change from one week to the next. Online Personal Trainers like David Kingsbury offer a great alternative. This way, you can fit the workouts in around your lifestyle. When fitness remains on your terms, the threat of quitting falls significantly.

The clue is in the title; a lifestyle change should be for life. If it’s not built around you, the plan will all short.

It’s Too Expensive

Finally, there’s no escaping the fact that the cost of healthy living is a major problem for many. If you’re not careful, it can quickly become far too expensive for the average person to keep it up. Thankfully, there are ways around it.

Healthy eating needn’t cost an arm and a leg. Use meal preps to cook a week’s worth at once and freeze the rest for later. In addition to saving money, it’ll help you save time. As for workouts, you can always trade the gym for the park or a home DVD.

Find a strategy that suits your budget, and you will not regret it.[/pipdig_padded_text]

Your Complete Guide To: Fat Transfer vs Implants | Guest Post


When it comes to enhancing a part of your body, whether it’s your breasts, your buttocks, or your face, implants are one of the most common approaches used to get the desired result. The main goal is typically to have more volume and improve the shape of your body.

Implants typically consist of silicone. They maintain their shape and have a consistency that feels natural. They also last. While it is true that implants are effective in meeting a patient’s needs, many doctors are opting for fat transfer procedures to get the same results.

How Does a Fat Transfer Work?

A fat transfer is an innovative approach that is being used more commonly to give the body a boost where it needs it. For those who are not happy with the size of their bust, feel their buttocks need some help, or want a fuller face, a fat transfer procedure is an effective option. The first step is to find a good source of fat on the body that can be spared. Most patients have no problem with this aspect of the procedure. Excess fat can typically be found hanging on around the midsection, on the buttocks, or on the thighs. The fat is removed by performing a liposuction procedure. Once it has been suctioned out of the body, the fat needs to go through a process that will purify it. The final step involves injecting the fat in a targeted area of the body.

What are the Drawbacks of Implants?

Implants will get the job done. They can add fullness to your cheekbones if you don’t have enough definition or aging has made them start to hollow. You can even have implants inserted in your lips if you want to enhance your smile. Implants are most commonly used to give women their ideal bust size, although they can target the buttocks as well. Implants are durable and feel authentic, but they may eventually need to be replaced. Some people are fortunate to have implants that last throughout their lifetime. Others may need a new set of transplants within ten years. Transplants occasionally leak, which can be a concern. In some cases, women experience capsular contracture in which scar tissue forms around implants and makes them shift until they look unnatural. Implants in buttocks have the potential to slip. If you aren’t happy with your implants, you will have to go through surgery and recovery again to have them removed.

What are the Benefits of a Fat Transfer?

If you choose a fat transfer, you can always start small, asking for a small enhancement to make sure you are happy with your results. If you are satisfied, you can always come in for an additional procedure. A fat transfer is completely natural. You are taking a substance that is produced in your own body and making better use of it someplace else. Best of all, you are enhancing two areas on your body for the price of one. One part of you will get trimmed down while another is going to get bigger. A fat transfer will produce authentic results. You’ll notice that the enhanced part of your body feels natural and it looks natural as well. Your surgeon can treat your body like a canvas, getting the results you want to see by using fat to give you lasting results. As an added benefit, your recovery will be faster after a fat transfer. Incisions made for liposuction are small, the procedure is considered minimally invasive, and you are likely to only need a local anesthetic. You can expect some mild swelling and bruising after your procedure. The area that is enhanced with your own fat may be a little tender after you get your injections, but you will be able to get back to your normal activities much sooner. People will notice the difference immediately. You’ll feel like a new person just by taking your own fat and using it to enhance your figure.

Is a Fat Transfer Going to Work for You?

In order to have a fat transfer, you are going to need excess fat somewhere on your body. While you might think this is simple, some people truly do not have fat to spare. They are either naturally slender or so athletic that there is no unwanted fat on the body. Your plastic surgeon will be your guide as an expert resource to determine if you have a good source of fat that can be harvested for a fat transfer. If you don’t have fat to spare, you will need to talk to your plastic surgeon about other options. Implants may be the only way to go for you.

Finding the Right Solution for Your Body

In the end, the best procedure to enhance the volume anywhere on your body will be up to you. Your plastic surgeon will give you a thorough evaluation and discuss your options. You’ll learn about the risks that are involved with any procedure. You will also be able to look at photo galleries to help you to determine which kind of procedure is best for you. You want your results to be promising, but you also want to look natural. A fat transfer can help you to reach that goal with an approach that is easier on your body than implants.

Turn to Doctors Plastic Surgery to Talk about Fat Transfer vs. Implants

When you are ready to seriously consider a fat transfer, visit You’ll find a team of knowledgeable and experienced surgeons, ready to answer your questions. When you make your consultation appointment, your plastic surgeon at Doctors Plastic Surgery will be here for you to listen to your goals for your body, assess your figure, and discuss your options.[/pipdig_padded_text]

Your Complete Guide To: Facial Cartilage Grafts | Guest Post


In the fascinating field of plastic surgery, doctors use a wide range of materials to carefully craft facial features for a patient. For many facial surgeries, a cartilage graft is necessary. Doctors have tried many different types of material for grafting, and they find that cartilage harvested from the patient’s own ribs can be one of the most effective options. Rib cartilage has many uses in facial plastic surgery.

Keep reading to learn all about the purposes and process of removing rib cartilage and grafting it onto the face.

When Are Facial Cartilage Grafts Necessary?

A facial graft is a plastic surgery technique that involves attaching matter to the bones or cartilage of the face. It is used whenever a person needs volume built in a certain area. Cartilage is a firm substance that is only slightly softer than bone, so it is only used in areas of the face that require a lot of support and structure. The most common use for a cartilage graft is along the nasal area. However, it may also be needed to reconstruct the ears or repair cleft lips and other malformations of the midface area.

Cartilage grafts are particularly common in revision rhinoplasties, where the doctor is adding back material to replace a nose that was overly contoured, but they can also be necessary in first time rhinoplasties. Cartilage grafts in the nose have a few different purposes. In some cases, a graft is structural. It provides support for the tip and bridge of the nose, so the patient can breathe more easily. A cartilage graft may also be used for aesthetic appearances. It can build up a nose bridge to make it look less flat or alter the shape of the bridge to keep it from drooping.

Why Use Rib Cartilage Grafts Instead of Other Material?

Of course it is possible to use synthetic materials for grafts and implants. However, these are normally associated with far worse outcomes. Roughly 5 percent of patients with synthetic implants end up with an infection or implant rejection. This leads to a lot of nasty inflammation that eventually turns into tough scar tissue that is even tougher to remove. Synthetics like Medpor, silicone, and Gore-Tex do not always hold up very well, and when they break down, the results can be quite unpleasant.

Donor cartilage from human cadavers is another possible alternative to rib cartilage harvesting in some situations, but like synthetics, there is a high risk of the cartilage breaking down or the body rejecting it. Due to all of these concerns, a lot of surgeons find it best to stick with cartilage grafts from the patient’s body. Though it does cause an inconvenient second surgical site, it is much easier for the body to integrate its own tissue into a stable structure on the face. Whenever possible a surgeon will use cartilage from the patient’s nose or ear for the surgery. However, if the patient does not have any cartilage to spare in these regions, they will take it from the ribs.

What Is the Process of Harvesting and Grafting Rib Cartilage Like?

Once you and your plastic surgeon decide that a rib cartilage graft is necessary, the surgery will be schedule for the same day as your rhinoplasty. Once you are under general anesthetic, they will make an incision of roughly four to six centimeters in length. The doctor will normally separate muscle fibers instead of cutting them to ensure a good recovery. Once they have reached the site of the cartilage, which is usually the eighth and ninth ribs, they will remove the cartilage, suture the area, replace the surrounding soft tissue, and suture the skin.

Once the cartilage is harvested, the surgeon will proceed to the surgery that involves placing the rib cartilage in its new position. To prevent the graft from slipping out of place, the surgeon will carefully suture it into place. They may then place fat or other tissue over the cartilage to ensure an even appearance once it is covered with skin. Healing with a cartilage graft is normally no different than a regular rhinoplasty recovery time. Over time, the cartilage implant will bond with the tissue underneath and become even more stable.

How Can You Tell If a Cartilage Graft is Right for You?

You may need a cartilage graft if your nose is scooped, humped, or drooping. The firmness of a cartilage graft can help to provide extra volume in nasal reconstruction cases and revision rhinoplasties. It can even be helpful if you are not trying to make your nose look larger because added height from a cartilage graft can create the illusion of a narrower nose. Cartilage grafts may also be necessary in many other types of facial reconstruction surgery. Rib cartilage will be used over other donor sites if you do not have the option of taking cartilage from your ear or nose. Each plastic surgery patient is different, so you will need to consult with a doctor to see if it would be a good option for your case.

If you are interested in learning more about cartilage grafts, get in touch with the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami.PSI Miami is a group of board certified surgeons that specialize in minimally invasive procedures. The Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami are a team dedicated to providing high-quality plastic surgery in the Miami area. Call 305.446.7700 or message them online to find out if a cartilage graft can provide a good outcome for your situation. Please visit their site at[/pipdig_padded_text]

Your Complete Guide To: Lower Face Rejuvenation | Guest Post


Lower face rejuvenation is becoming increasingly popular and can make you look much thinner in the face and neck region. There are surgical and non-surgical options available.

Your plastic surgeon will do an overall assessment so that your entire face is treated in proportion. The lower face includes the lower cheeks, around the mouth, jawline, and lips. Lower face rejuvenation is ideal for younger patients who don’t need a facelift.

Why A Neck Lift Should Be Next On Your List Of Surgical Procedures

As we age, our neck and chin area begins to accumulate fat deposits. This can create the look of a double chin. Fat deposits in these areas are extremely tough to eliminate on our own. A neck lift can contour your jaw, chin, and neck while removing these fat deposits to help your face appear thinner and healthier. Loose skin sometimes called the “turkey gobbler” effect, can have a negative impact on your overall face. A neck lift will improve the look of your face and neck making you appear much younger. Your face and neck are connected and can influence the way the other appears. If your neck is aging or looking heavy, your face most likely will too.

How A Neck Lift Works

A neck lift isn’t much didn’t from other lifting procedures. Your cosmetic surgeon will make a small incision behind your ears which will conceal any scarring. They will then use a liposuction device to remove fat deposits through the incisions. The soft tissue and muscles are tightened and repaired while trimming away excess skin. It can take up to two weeks to recovery following neck lift surgery and is dependent on the patient.

Chin And Jaw Surgery And Cheek Implants

Chin and jaw surgery or also known as mentoplasty, can reduce and augment the cheek and chin bone. Most of the time this is performed using cheek implants or fat transfer from other parts of the body. For cheek and chin reduction, your surgeon will file the bone down to reduce its size. This can give you a sleek and more chiseled look to your jawline. Cheek implants can balance and define your face, enhancing your existing cheek structure.

Non-Surgical Procedures

Non-surgical procedures can be performed using injections and dermal fillers to add more volume to some regions of the face. Non-surgical rejuvenation of the lower face area can be achieved with relaxing injections and filler substances. Filler substances come in different thicknesses. They can be used for very fine lines or injected more deeply to give more volume.

If you want to restore your youthful glow but are leery about going under the knife, you can combine several non-surgical procedures to achieve a subtle look even in your 60’s. Liquid lifts can be done on your lunch break and require little to no recovery time. Non-surgical lower facelifts can correct the jowls, lines in the nasolabial folds, frown lines, and deep grooves around your mouth. The purpose of defining the lower face is to tighten deeper tissue, replenish lost volume, or resurface the superficial skin.

Dermal Fillers

Botox is one of the most commonly used dermal fillers in the United States. It is used to effectively treat wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, and forehead creases. Botox can also be injected into the neck for a firmer appearance. Like all dermal fillers, Botox is not permanent and requires ongoing treatments to maintain your desired result usually, every 6-12 months. Kybella is a dermal filler that contains a fat blasting medication to correct your jawline without surgery.

Fat transfer

A fat transfer procedure takes existing fat from other parts of your body and is reinjected into the face to address the loss of volume. Fat transfer can correct smile lines, laugh lines, acne scars, sunken cheeks, crow’s feet, and skin depressions. It is one of the most natural looking procedures that provides lifetime results.

Schedule A Lower Face Rejuvenation Consultation

If you are feeling self-conscious about loose skin around your chin and neck, consider scheduling a consultation with Dr. Andrew Jacono, MD, FACS at his practice in Long Island, New York. Dr. Jacono is New York’s sought-after cosmetic surgeon and specializes in non-surgical and minimally invasive facial rejuvenation. He has a high-profile clientele of television personalities, celebrities, models, socialites, actors, and actresses. Dr. Jacono has a Dual Board Certification in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and serves as Section Head of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at North Shore University Hospital Manhasset. He has contacted over 100 live surgeries at symposiums and meetings around the world including Rome, Spain, Paris, Japan, Colombia, Portugal, Brazil, and Russia. For more information, please visit his website at[/pipdig_padded_text]

5 Seriously Underrated Beauty Products You Need


We’ve all heard of those beauty products that are raved about online – the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette, NARS Sheer Glow foundation, Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara… However, there are so many beauty products out there that don’t receive the attention they deserve. Today I’ll be sharing 5 of my favourite products that are seriously underrated.

[/pipdig_padded_text][pipdig_banner image=””][pipdig_padded_text]

Seriously Underrated Product 1 – Benefit Girl Meets Pearl Liquid Highlighter

The Benefit Girl Meets Pearl Liquid Highlighter has always been overshadowed by its cream-counterpart, the Watt’s Up Highlighter. This is such a shame as Girl Meets Pearl is one of the most beautiful highlighters that I own yet no one seems to mention it! Girl Meets Pearl comes in a champagne-gold shade that looks beautiful on pale skin and is packed with skin-loving ingredients. It’s really easy to blend and it just gives the most gorgeous natural-looking (yet buildable) glow to the high points of your face. You can see what it looks like applied to my skin in my full review post. The product can also be applied all over the face for an all over glow.

Seriously Underrated Product 2 – Eylure Brow Magician

So much attention is given to Eylure’s (admittedly amazing) eyelash range which means that their eyebrow range is often overlooked. I first came across the Eylure Brow Magician when I collaborated with Eylure on a post back in June and have used and loved the product ever since! The Brow Magician is a dual-ended product with a long-wear crayon on one end and a pigmented brow mascara on the other end. This is absolutely perfect when you’re rushed for time as it’s so quick and easy to shape, define and set your brows in place.

Seriously Underrated Product 3 – Eylure Brow Pomade

Yep, this is another brow product from Eylure which I couldn’t resist including! The Eylure Brow Pomade has been a life-saver (in brow terms) on those days when my brows look a bit messy. The Brow Pomade is waterproof and it’s also really long-lasting, making it great for summer. It comes in 3 shades – blonde, mid-brown and dark-brown and I’ve found that the blonde shade is a perfect match for my brows. For just £8.95, this is definitely worth picking up and shouting about![/pipdig_padded_text]


Seriously Underrated Product 4 – Milani Retouch + Erase Light Lifting Concealer

Milani is a brand that I only discovered earlier this year, and my only wish is that I’d tried their products out sooner! The Retouch + Erase Light Lifting Concealer is seriously one of the best concealers I have ever tried and it’s replaced my trusty old Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer as my everyday go-to concealer. The product has such good coverage so it’s great for covering up any blemishes, but it’s also creamy enough to work well underneath my eyes. I’m yet to try a concealer I love more than this!

Seriously Underrated Product 5 – Topshop Bronzer in ‘Mohawke’

Any fellow fair skinned girls will undoubtedly be familiar with the struggle to find a bronzer that’s pale enough to leave you with a natural bronzed look, as opposed to a muddy-looking mess. The Topshop Bronzer in the shade ‘Mohawke’ is a matte bronzer that blends out really nicely on the skin and leaves even the palest of us looking like bronzed goddesses. You can see it in action in my ‘subtle contour‘ blog post. As with most Topshop Beauty products, this product isn’t always available – Topshop tend to bring lots of their makeup items in and out of stock every few months. However, I’d highly recommend grabbing this when you next see it around!

What is your number 1 most underrated beauty product?


Term Time Style On A Budget | Part Two: The Smart-Casual Trousers


Earlier this week, I shared a post where I styled one of my current favourite wardrobe items – a super cute and very versatile dress that can be worn pretty much any season [see post here]. Today I’ll be styling another one of my go-to wardrobe pieces from PrettyLittleThing – a pair of monochrome pinstripe trousers.

You probably know by now that I pretty much live in comfy clothes, so I’m going to start by saying that this pair of black pinstripe trousers are *the most* comfortable pair of trousers that I own! And I’m all for wearing clothes that look smart but feel as comfy as a pair of PJ bottoms (I mean, isn’t that the dream!?).[/pipdig_padded_text]

[pipdig_padded_text]Up until a couple of years ago, I wouldn’t be seen in any style of trousers other than a pair of denim skinny jeans. However, I have since discovered the pure comfort and joy that can be found in a pair of classic trousers. What makes this particular style of trousers even better is the fact that they can be worn in so many different ways (and can also be found in a variety of different colours and patterns over here).

Here I decided to wear the trousers with a simple white tee (or you can wear it with a cool white slogan tee) and a pair of black leather shoes for a classic smart-casual look. They would also look great with a pair of white pumps if you want to go for a slightly more casual look. Basically, this is the kind of outfit that can be worn to work, to uni or to the shops – the perfect outfit to invest in if you’re on a budget as you can literally wear it anywhere![/pipdig_padded_text]

[pipdig_banner image=””][pipdig_left][/pipdig_left][pipdig_right][/pipdig_right]

[pipdig_padded_text]When styled well, monochrome outfits can look so chic and effortless. Even better still, it is just so easy to transform a classic monochrome outfit into something more fun and bold! For this look, I went for a colour I would normally shy away from – bright lime – however I just ended up loving it! This lime wool coat is perfect for injecting a bit (or rather a lot) of fun into any monochrome outfit and adding a well-needed dose of colour on cold, grey days whilst still keeping the outfit looking smart.

Investing in a bold piece is a good idea even if you’re on a budget as you can throw it on any black/grey/white toned outfit and count on it to add a bit of unique twist![/pipdig_padded_text]


Outfit Details

Top (similar) / Coat / Alternative Slogan Top / Trousers / Shoes

Summer Makeup First Impressions | NARS, Lord & Berry, Glo & Ray


Earlier this month I shared some of the makeup products that I recently added to my summer makeup collection from Fragrance Direct. As promised, today I’ll be sharing my first impressions of the products and show you what they look like on my face.

I decided to go for a light gold summery makeup look with a touch of pink, which is a bit different to what I’d normally go for and looks perfect for summer. [/pipdig_padded_text]


Lord & Berry #Reglam Crayon Eyeshadow in ‘Flashback’ and ‘Mad For It’

In order to achieve this pretty rose gold effect on my eyes I used a combination of two crayon eyeshadows from the Lord & Berry #Reglam Crayon Eyeshadow range. I first applied ‘Flashback’ which is a pretty light gold shade across my entire eyelid, then blended some of the shade ‘Mad For It’ which is a pink/rose shade into the crease using my fingers. This was my first time using eye products from Lord & Berry and I was very impressed! The shades looked lovely without any powder eyeshadow on top, and although they were easy to blend once they had set they were truly set and did not budge or crease all day (on a very warm day too!). Crayon eyeshadows are so convenient when you’re in a rush and want your makeup to last long, and these crayon eyeshadows from Lord & Berry are well-worth their £14 price tag as a little product goes a long way. Available here.

Glo & Ray Longwear Precision Liquid Liner in ‘Brown’

Instead of my usual black liquid liner, I decided to apply some of the Glo & Ray Longwear Precision Liquid Liner in ‘Brown’. I like to switch up black liquid liner for something a bit less harsh in the summer as it gives a slightly softer look. Glo & Ray is a brand I hadn’t tried before, however this liquid liner from Glo & Ray is great – very pigmented and long-lasting, especially for the price of £6.90. Unlike my usual liquid liner, the L’Oreal Superliner Perfect Slim, the Glo & Ray Liquid Liner is made from a brush-like tip which helps you achieve a more precise cat flick. Available here.

Glo & Ray Sky Breaker Lasting Silky Eyeliner in ‘Light Brown’

Another product which I tried from Glo & Ray is the Sky Breaker Lasting Silky Eyliner in the shade ‘Light Brown’. The eyeliner costs just £5.50 and is available in over 10 different shades including black, brown, green, gold and blue. I tried using this to line my waterline and found it glided really smoothly although I think it would work better to line your upper or lower lash line as it is much more pigmented when used in this way. This range is definitely worth checking out if you’re after a pencil eyeliner that applies smoothly in a variety of different shades. Available here.[/pipdig_padded_text]

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NARS Dual Intensity Blush in ‘Adoration’

If you’ve been following me on my blog and social media, you’ll definitely know just how highly I rate the NARS Dual Intensity Blushers! Not only do they look mega pretty, but the quality of the product itself is second to none as it blends really nicely and lasts really long on the skin. I already own the ‘Fervor‘ palette from this range with includes 2 perfect blushers – one peachy-coral shade and one burgundy shade – a great combination of blushers to take you from spring/summer to autumn/winter. The shade I am wearing in this post is from the ‘Adoration’ palette, which comes with a shimmering pale pink highlight and a bright pink blush shade. Together, they make the perfect summer cheek duo with a pop of pink and a subtle glowy highlight! Available here.[/pipdig_padded_text]


Lord & Berry Matte Lipstick Pencil in ‘Bouquet’

Out of all the products that I tried, I must say that the Lord & Berry Matte Lipstick Pencil in the shade ‘Bouquet’ is the one that impressed me the most! The shade ‘Bouquet’ is the perfect rosy-pink shade which I love to wear all year round and could actually be a good dupe for my all-time-fave Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in ‘Amazing Grace’ (side by side comparison coming soon on Instagram). Apart from the shade, the formula is TO DIE FOR. It is one of the most comfortable matte lipstick formulas I have ever tried – I’d even go as far as saying it’s almost as good as the Charlotte Tilbury formula! At just £12 I know I’ll be stocking up on more shades from this range. Available here.[/pipdig_padded_text]

Have you tried any products from Lord & Berry or Glo & Ray?

The 6 Makeup Brushes I Swear By


We all have those things in life which we rely on yet still take forgranted. And amongst all those things in my life, are my trusty old makeup brushes.

I rely on  my makeup brushes every single time I do my makeup, yet I’ve never even thought of featuring them on my blog – even though they are an integral part of my makeup routine!

Unlike my makeup collection, my collection of makeup brushes is relatively small, yet I’ve got everything I need to achieve any makeup look I’d normally go for. In this post I’ll be sharing the 6 makeup brushes that I swear by, the ones that I reach for most frequently and would have to panic-buy a replacement if I ever lost any one of them. [/pipdig_padded_text]

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[pipdig_padded_text]The first brush I normally reach for when doing my makeup is the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. This is one of the first ever brushes that I bought and before I got my hands on it, I would usually apply my foundation using my fingers (Something I still opt for on particularly lazy days). The Expert Face Brush works really well with liquid foundations such as the Rimmel Wake Me Up and NARS Sheer Glow as it buffs the foundations into the skin, leaving an even level of coverage.

Another brush which I absolutely love is the Real Techniques Powder Brush which is perfect for applying both powder and bronzer to my face. It’s a decent size and has super soft bristles (especially for the price of £12.99!) and basically has all you could ever wish for in a powder brush!

As I mentioned in my Urban Decay All Nighter Review, I like to use a makeup sponge such as the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge after applying foundation, powder and setting spray to my face, as I find it blends everything really nicely into my skin and helps my makeup look flawless and last longer. I also sometimes like to apply my foundation using the Miracle Complexion sponge as it is great if you’re after a natural can’t-detect-foundation-on-your-skin coverage. It’s a fantastic multi-purpose tool! Incidentally, I ordered the original BeautyBlender a few days ago to see how it compares to this – so stay tuned for a comparison/review post. [/pipdig_padded_text]

[pipdig_padded_text]Another brush that I always rely on is the Real Techniques Blush Brush (can you tell I really like Real Techniques brushes!?). Just like the Powder Brush, this one feels really soft and is the perfect size for applying blush to my cheeks and still looking natural. I find it really easy to work with as it picks up just the right amount of product!

Finally, moving on to two brushes which you almost never hear about, both of which happen to be from Boots No7! Of all the eye makeup brushes I own, these are the two brushes I always go back to! Starting from the No7 Eye Colour Brush, this is a flat brush that works perfectly with both powder and cream products to add a base or an intense pop of colour to your lids. I then move on to the No7 Eye Contour Brush, which is probably my all-time favourite eyeshadow brush as it pretty much does all the work for you when it comes to blending out your eyeshadow or popping some eyeshadow into your crease. It is super soft and dense, and quite impressive for just £8 too!

What are your go-to makeup brushes?


Twenty Fingers Personalised Papercut Portrait Review + GIVEAWAY Worth Up To £79!


No matter how much we enjoy choosing presents for our loved ones, we all know that one person who is notoriously hard to buy presents for. That’s why I love discovering new gift ideas that are unique and would be perfect for those situations when I’m a bit stuck for present ideas.

Twenty Fingers recently got in touch with some information on their bespoke, personalised gifts and I was very interested in discovering more about their products. The company specialises in unique papercut portraits that are specially made for the receiver. At first I wasn’t sure what a papercut portrait was, however upon browsing the website I actually loved the idea! As you can see from the photos in this post, a papercut portrait is basically an image of your choice that is transformed into a portrait using only high-quality paper that is cut out to create an image.[/pipdig_padded_text]

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The best bit about the Twenty Fingers papercut portraits is that you can choose to have whatever you (or the gift receiver) will love made into a portrait. This includes family portraits, favourite quotes, pictures of the person’s pet, a family genealogy tree or even a very special baby ultrasound scan papercut which would be perfect for any parents-to-be. As you can probably tell from the photos in this post, I chose to have a portrait done with my two lovely cats.

The ordering process was quick, simple and allowed me to customise the portrait until I was 100% happy with the result. I started by uploading a photo of my cats, then chose the size of the portrait (standard 10″ x 12″ or large 12″ x 16″). I then got to choose the frame colour, where I went for ‘oak’, as well as the glass type (standard or ‘invisible true colour’) and finally I got to choose my preferred colour for the paper itself. I went for black, however there are over 20 different colours to choose from.

Soon after I placed my order, Twenty Fingers got in touch with a proof of the portrait for my approval, and following a minor amendment which I requested, the portrait was sent out. I received my portrait very quickly and was pleased to find that it was packaged well with plenty of bubble wrap in a protective cardboard box.

The portrait looked even better in person than it did in the proof I was sent, and it feels like such a good quality product too. You can tell that a lot of care has gone into making the portrait as perfect as possible – and it has a nice weight to it as well! It would undoubtedly make a lovely present!

Want to win your very own papercut portrait worth up to £79? Read below!


[pipdig_padded_text]Twenty Fingers are giving away a personalised papercut portrait to one of my readers, with a value of up to £79. The winner will get to choose any standard size papercut portrait with a standard glass type from the Twenty Fingers website and personalise it as they wish.

The giveaway is open to UK entrants (if you live outside the UK and would still like to enter you will be asked to cover postage costs) and it will remain open until 28th August 2017. Just complete the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck![/pipdig_padded_text]

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The Mighty Mug | The Mug That Won’t Fall Over

the mighty mug


Working from the office a few times a week means that I don’t always have time to enjoy a cup of tea or a nice, refreshing smoothie in the morning. One of my greatest discoveries since I’ve started working in an office is a good old travel mug – except The Mighty Mug is not just your average travel mug!


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The Mighty Mug is the mug that won’t fall over. Seriously.

Dexam recently got in touch and asked if I’d like to review The Mighty Mug. I had heard of The Mighty Mug before and was always intrigued by it so of course I said yes! Obviously, the first thing I did when I received it was try to knock it over (quite hard) and you guessed it – it just did not fall over. This is absolutely perfect if, like me, you have a bit of a bad habit of knocking things over!

The Mighty Mug is powered by ‘Smartgrip technology’ so it grips to any smooth, flat surface (such as your desk) and won’t fall over if it gets knocked. However, it somehow magically lifts up as soon as you go to pick it up with no problem whatsoever. You can see what I mean in this short demo.

The mug has a handy double wall vacuum insulation and is able to keep your hot drinks hot for 4+ hours and your cold drinks cold for an impressive 14+ hours. It is also BPA free, making it 100% safe to drink from.

Apart from being very handy for any office goers, The Mighty Mug would also make a great gift – especially for ‘that person who already owns everything’ as it’s both unique and really useful.

Dexam is a great online store that stocks everything you may need for your kitchen – whether that is baking accessories, tableware or a new set of cooking utensils. They also have a pretty decent recipes section with all sorts of yummy food including roast potatoes with lemon and thyme, and a classic sweet and sour pork recipe.