The Most Beautiful Hand-Iced Biscuits Ever?! Biscuiteers Iced Christmas Biscuit Tin


We’ve all got that person on our Christmas shopping list – that person who already has everything they could ever wish for and is therefore impossible to buy for. However, one thing that is always welcome in every home at this time of year is a box of gorgeous individually hand-decorated iced Christmas biscuits! And one brand that truly stands out in the BEAUTIFUL BISCUIT CATEGORY is Biscuiteers.

Forget all the more common looking biscuit tins you normally find in the supermarket – Biscuiteers take things to a whole new level. And their range of Christmas gift biscuits is certainly no exception.

With gifts ranging from personalised biscuit tins, Christmas tree decoration biscuits (yes, really!), biscuit cards, a DIY gingerbread house kit and a nativity Christmas biscuit tin, all the products have one thing in common – they look like actual pieces of art, sure to earn a few ‘ooooooh’s’ and ‘ahhhhhh!’s’ and almost too good to eat!

I was recently sent the ‘Iced Christmas Biscuit Tin‘ from Biscuiteers and can confirm that the biscuits look even more remarkable in real life.

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Although at £39.50, the Iced Christmas Biscuit Tin may seem quite pricey when compared to other biscuit tins, you definitely get what you pay for in terms of quality.As you can most definitely tell from the photos, the attention to details given to each and every biscuit in this box is just incredible! From the edible white glitter on the snowflake biscuit, to the detail on the snowman biscuit’s scarf and the marbling effect on the gift-shaped biscuit.[/pipdig_padded_text]


Of course, apart from looking great, the one thing everyone looks for in their biscuits is a great taste. This particular biscuit box is available in 3 different flavours – traditional Christmas all spice, chocolate or gluten free vanilla. The biscuits I received are in the all spice flavour and I can confirm that they taste exceptional – just like you would expect from such a luxury brand. The biscuits also have a nice crisp to them and there ratio of icing to biscuit is spot on.[/pipdig_padded_text]

[pipdig_padded_text]If you’re after a unique gift for your loved ones (or yourself) this Christmas, I would highly recommend checking out the Biscuiteers Christmas biscuit gifts.[/pipdig_padded_text]

The Mighty Mug | The Mug That Won’t Fall Over

the mighty mug


Working from the office a few times a week means that I don’t always have time to enjoy a cup of tea or a nice, refreshing smoothie in the morning. One of my greatest discoveries since I’ve started working in an office is a good old travel mug – except The Mighty Mug is not just your average travel mug!


the mighty mug[/pipdig_left][pipdig_right]



The Mighty Mug is the mug that won’t fall over. Seriously.

Dexam recently got in touch and asked if I’d like to review The Mighty Mug. I had heard of The Mighty Mug before and was always intrigued by it so of course I said yes! Obviously, the first thing I did when I received it was try to knock it over (quite hard) and you guessed it – it just did not fall over. This is absolutely perfect if, like me, you have a bit of a bad habit of knocking things over!

The Mighty Mug is powered by ‘Smartgrip technology’ so it grips to any smooth, flat surface (such as your desk) and won’t fall over if it gets knocked. However, it somehow magically lifts up as soon as you go to pick it up with no problem whatsoever. You can see what I mean in this short demo.

The mug has a handy double wall vacuum insulation and is able to keep your hot drinks hot for 4+ hours and your cold drinks cold for an impressive 14+ hours. It is also BPA free, making it 100% safe to drink from.

Apart from being very handy for any office goers, The Mighty Mug would also make a great gift – especially for ‘that person who already owns everything’ as it’s both unique and really useful.

Dexam is a great online store that stocks everything you may need for your kitchen – whether that is baking accessories, tableware or a new set of cooking utensils. They also have a pretty decent recipes section with all sorts of yummy food including roast potatoes with lemon and thyme, and a classic sweet and sour pork recipe.



As last Tuesday was officially Pancake Tuesday, I decided to bring out the flour, sugar and eggs and attempt to make some fluffy American pancakes!  This was only my 3rd time making American pancakes, so I wasn’t sure how they would turn out – and although some of them turned out a little bit browner than I’d have liked, they still tasted pretty delicious!

I decided to use this pancake recipe to make my pancakes as it seemed pretty straight forward and I conveniently had all the ingredients I needed in the kitchen!

Once the pancakes were all cooked, it was time to add some toppings!  I would normally always slather loads of Nutella on mine, however this time I decided to go for two different and slightly healthier options.

The first topping I went for was strawberries and agave syrup, with some sugar sprinkled on top. This one tasted absolutely delicious!  Agave syrup is a great alternative to honey or maple syrup as it has a lower Glycemic Index, meaning that it’s better for you than the latter two.

The second topping I went for was another very simple one – Agave syrup and cacao nibs.  The Agave syrup ensures that the pancakes don’t feel dry, whilst the cacao nibs add a little chocolatey taste and some crunch – yum!

As you can probably tell I stuck to some very simple toppings this Pancake Tuesday, however they still tasted delicious! 

What’s your favourite pancake topping?


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