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I'm Rachel, and I'm 24 years old.  After reading several beauty blogs for a while, I decided to start my own beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog back in June 2013.  Here, I regularly share product reviews, talk about my current favourite beauty products, write about the fashion trends I'm loving, and the places I've travelled to.  

Apart from beauty and fashion, I also enjoy baking, travelling to new cities, and I love attending music concerts (particularly Olly Murs ones!).  I also collect autographs as a hobby, and currently have a collection of around 80 autographs from some of my favourite celebrities, including Olly Murs (of course), Daniel Radcliffe, Colin Firth, Katy Perry and Kylie Minogue!  I've also got a soft spot for animals (#crazycatlady) and love visiting animal parks :)

Apart from running a blog I also work in digital marketing and research, and I am a freelance online content writer.

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If you'd like to get in touch, please feel free to contact me! My email is rachel@beautyandthebird.co.uk

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