Your Complete Guide To: Fat Transfer vs Implants | Guest Post

When it comes to enhancing a part of your body, whether it’s your breasts, your buttocks, or your face, implants are one of the most common approaches used to get the desired result. The main goal is typically to have more volume and improve the shape of your body.

Implants typically consist of silicone. They maintain their shape and have a consistency that feels natural. They also last. While it is true that implants are effective in meeting a patient’s needs, many doctors are opting for fat transfer procedures to get the same results.

How Does a Fat Transfer Work?

A fat transfer is an innovative approach that is being used more commonly to give the body a boost where it needs it. For those who are not happy with the size of their bust, feel their buttocks need some help, or want a fuller face, a fat transfer procedure is an effective option. The first step is to find a good source of fat on the body that can be spared. Most patients have no problem with this aspect of the procedure. Excess fat can typically be found hanging on around the midsection, on the buttocks, or on the thighs. The fat is removed by performing a liposuction procedure. Once it has been suctioned out of the body, the fat needs to go through a process that will purify it. The final step involves injecting the fat in a targeted area of the body.

What are the Drawbacks of Implants?

Implants will get the job done. They can add fullness to your cheekbones if you don’t have enough definition or aging has made them start to hollow. You can even have implants inserted in your lips if you want to enhance your smile. Implants are most commonly used to give women their ideal bust size, although they can target the buttocks as well. Implants are durable and feel authentic, but they may eventually need to be replaced. Some people are fortunate to have implants that last throughout their lifetime. Others may need a new set of transplants within ten years. Transplants occasionally leak, which can be a concern. In some cases, women experience capsular contracture in which scar tissue forms around implants and makes them shift until they look unnatural. Implants in buttocks have the potential to slip. If you aren’t happy with your implants, you will have to go through surgery and recovery again to have them removed.

What are the Benefits of a Fat Transfer?

If you choose a fat transfer, you can always start small, asking for a small enhancement to make sure you are happy with your results. If you are satisfied, you can always come in for an additional procedure. A fat transfer is completely natural. You are taking a substance that is produced in your own body and making better use of it someplace else. Best of all, you are enhancing two areas on your body for the price of one. One part of you will get trimmed down while another is going to get bigger. A fat transfer will produce authentic results. You’ll notice that the enhanced part of your body feels natural and it looks natural as well. Your surgeon can treat your body like a canvas, getting the results you want to see by using fat to give you lasting results. As an added benefit, your recovery will be faster after a fat transfer. Incisions made for liposuction are small, the procedure is considered minimally invasive, and you are likely to only need a local anesthetic. You can expect some mild swelling and bruising after your procedure. The area that is enhanced with your own fat may be a little tender after you get your injections, but you will be able to get back to your normal activities much sooner. People will notice the difference immediately. You’ll feel like a new person just by taking your own fat and using it to enhance your figure.

Is a Fat Transfer Going to Work for You?

In order to have a fat transfer, you are going to need excess fat somewhere on your body. While you might think this is simple, some people truly do not have fat to spare. They are either naturally slender or so athletic that there is no unwanted fat on the body. Your plastic surgeon will be your guide as an expert resource to determine if you have a good source of fat that can be harvested for a fat transfer. If you don’t have fat to spare, you will need to talk to your plastic surgeon about other options. Implants may be the only way to go for you.

Finding the Right Solution for Your Body

In the end, the best procedure to enhance the volume anywhere on your body will be up to you. Your plastic surgeon will give you a thorough evaluation and discuss your options. You’ll learn about the risks that are involved with any procedure. You will also be able to look at photo galleries to help you to determine which kind of procedure is best for you. You want your results to be promising, but you also want to look natural. A fat transfer can help you to reach that goal with an approach that is easier on your body than implants.

Turn to Doctors Plastic Surgery to Talk about Fat Transfer vs. Implants

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