How To Dress Smart in Summer & Damart Lace Jacket Review

For many years, I thought that dressing smart in summer was pretty much an impossible task. After all, the last thing you’d want to do during a summer heatwave is wear layers of clothes in the hope of looking well put together. However, along the years I learnt a few tips and tricks on how to dress smart in summer. Essentially, it’s all about investing in the right items for your summer wardrobe.

If you’ve got to wear a jacket, opt for lace.

I couldn’t think of anything worse than wearing a jacket in summer. However, certain occasions or events during the summer may require you to throw on something more than just a smart dress or ‘nice shirt and trousers’ combination. The trick here is to invest in a lace jacket. I’d been on the hunt for the perfect spring/summer jacket and found this beautiful pastel pink lace jacket from Damart. How gorgeous does it look!? The jacket also comes in a white shade, and is perfect for throwing on on chilly summer evenings or even during the daytime. It feels really light and comfortable as it’s got a little bit of stretch in it which I totally appreciate during the summer, and the quality feels great too! It’s also got light shoulder pads which makes it look even smarter.

Invest in linen and natural fibres

For years I’d stayed away from linen because it’s such a nightmare to iron. However, it’s totally worth the (slight) hassle as it’s just so breathable, making it perfect for summer. There are so many different linen items on the high street this year, and I couldn’t resist picking up this pair of paper bag waist linen trousers in the summer sales. It looks smart and pairs really nicely with the lace jacket.

Whatever you do, wear light coloured clothing

Dark colours, such as black and navy, absorb light and turn this into heat so it’s best to stay clear of darker shades during the summer months. Stick to light colours such as white or pastel shades that will reflect the sunlight and keep you cool.

Dresses and skirts are your best friends

I’ve pretty much got a trousers ban when it comes to dressing smart in summer – the only trousers I dare to wear in summer are very flowy, casual ones. So when it comes to dressing smart in summer, it’s much more practical, comfortable and smart to stick to dresses and skirts.

What’s your top top for smart styling in summer?

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