4 Cities In France To Visit If Paris Is Already Off The List | Guest Post

France is one of the most beautiful countries in the continent of Europe. The Mediterranean beauty is brimming with exquisite destinations that are perfect for your trip. For most of us, when you hear the word France, it is all about Paris and Eiffel Tower. But there is much more to it.

Exploring France will take you to places that you have only thought of in your dreams. The beauty is palpable and the experience will be deeply enriching. And food, well the French cuisine has all the elements to satisfy your palate in every way! No wonder, the French capital and all the other cities have emerged as famous stag and hen party destinations and are giving tough competitions to the English big daddy’s.

The country of the Eiffel Tower has many more cities that will have you in awe. We bring to you a list of equally beautiful cities that you can visit in France if you have already struck off Paris from the list.


The capital of wine is the best place for all those who enjoy a wine indulgence. This beautiful city is located in the Aquitaine region which forms the south eastern part of France. The city is full of fabulous bars that will provide you with a splendid experience of this national beverage. Head to Baillardran to have the very delicious canelés rom where you can go out for a stroll on the banks of the Garonne river. Bordeaux will let you feel the cool breeze blowing while you can splash the waters of the river in Miroir d’Eau at Place de la Bourse. And yes, you cannot miss the iconic view of the city from the Pey-Berland Tower.


If you are one of the those who get thrilled with the view of snow capped mountains and the thought of the adventure activities that the terrain has to offer, then Chamonix is your city. Located in the centre of the Rhone Alpes region, this city has everything that an adventure freak can think of and also hot chocolate. For the lovers of winter sports, when they are back from conquering the Alpine slopes, the city has got enough of life to offer you along with vin chaud (mulled wine). Chamonix is one of the cities that will give you a breathtaking view of the mountains from anywhere in the city to begin your day at a fabulous note.


The charming city of Marseille, located right at the banks of the Mediterranean is a pure treat to watch. The clear waters of the Med lined by the iconic monuments is a sight that will never get erased from your memory. The city is dotted with museums and stunning buildings but if there is one thing that should be the highlight of your Marseille trip, it should be Vieux-Port, the Old Port. if at all you ever get tired of the city’s hustle and bustle of the city, find your peace in the partially submerged pastoral steep-sided valleys with a sublime view in front of your eyes. The city is a dream come true for lovers of arts as you may get to see a street side musician, a dancer or an art exhibition in a lot of venues of the city.


The ‘pearl of the Alps’ or the ‘Venice of the Alps’ is a must visit place if you wish to have a venetian adventure the French style. Considering the French tourism scenario, Annecy is a hidden gem but that does not mean it will disappoint you in any way. With the beautiful Alps in the backdrop, your first stop in the city should be the Lake Annecy that merges into the Thiou River. The lake is crowded by tourists all during the summer. The chic cafes around the lake and the buildings with water around them are sure to give you a Venetian feeling. In spite of the other beautiful attractions in the city, do not forget to miss out the Château d’Annecy that towers over the town.

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