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You may have noticed things have been a little quiet over on my blog and social channels over the past couple of months. So I thought we could have a good old catch up in today’s post, to find out what has been going on!

1. I helped organise a conference

After months and months (and months) of preparation, I helped organise a conference at work last week. Thinking back over the last few months, organising this conference has taken up a big chunk of my energy and is one of the main reasons why things have been a bit quiet over on my blog. Any event organisers out there, HOW DO YOU DO IT FOR A LIVING!? After spending most of my working day sending multiple emails/making too many phone calls/doing other random bits related to organising this conference, I simply did not have enough energy left to sit down on my laptop and write, and instead I preferred to spend some tech-free time unwinding, such as by writing letters to some of my pen friends!

2. Too darn HOT to function

It’s no secret that I prefer winter to summer (here are 10 reasons why!). One of the things I really dislike about the hot summer weather is how it seems to drain me of all my energy, and consequently I am left feeling tired and unmotivated a lot of the time. Added to that, I don’t really enjoy applying/wearing makeup as much when it seems to melt off my face within 30 minutes and summer clothes are not really my thaaaaang, therefore I’ve been left feeling like I didn’t really have much to write about either! Sometimes, a bit of time off the blog is what I need to get my motivation back on the blog!

3. Glued to the TV

Whether it’s the World Cup or Love Island, I have been pretty much glued to the TV over the past month. In fact, some of the only times I was active on Twitter were during the England football games (I really DO get into those games!) and I can only apologise for this if you’re not into football! And although I missed quite a few episodes of Love Island due to the World Cup, I’ve been busy catching up on it all over the last few days! (Jack and Dani are still my faves!)

4. Celebrating 5 years with the boyf

A couple of weeks ago I celebrated 5 years of being with le boyfriend and although we didn’t get to spend the day together, I did receive a surprise bouquet of flowers which made me smile from ear to ear! 😀

That’s us all caught up! Here’s to many more posts, and less ‘quiet time’ over on the blog!


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