11 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Get HANGRY


If you had a peek inside my bag at any time, you are 100% guaranteed to find some food lurking in there. To me – and those around me – there’s nothing worse than being out and about when suddenly, HANGER STRIKES and there’s no food in sight! Ask anyone who knows me, and they will agree that this is a seriously dangerous affair.

When Ben and I were on our first holiday together, he didn’t quite know how important it is that I am kept well-fed at all times. Then one morning, when he kept brushing off my urgent appeals for breakfast, I pretty much WENT BERSERK (sorry Ben!!)- and well, let’s just say that was the last time he ignored my suggestions to go get some food, haha!

So if you’re also prone to the occasional food-related angry outburst, you might be able to relate to some of the things below![/pipdig_padded_text]


  1. Getting irritable with your family/friends for no apparent reason, then one of them suggests that perhaps it might be a good idea to go get you some food.
  2. When your friends can’t agree on a restaurant, yet the only thing you care about is getting some form of edible item down your mouth.
  3. Having a meltdown when the restaurant takes forever to serve your food.
  4. Trying – and failing – to socialise whilst you wait for your food to arrive at a restaurant.
  5. Apologising to your friends after a meal – for the person you were, and the things you said before your meal.
  6. Packing an entire picnic in your handbag for a one hour trip somewhere – and an entire year’s worth of food when boarding a short-haul flight.
  7. The absolute horror when you realise you’d eaten the last snack in your bag yesterday and you’ve got NO ACCESS TO FOOD for at least the next 30 minutes.
  8. The torture of an extremely slow moving queue at your local cafe.
  9. Not being able to understand the person who ‘skipped lunch but will make up for it with a really big dinner tonight’ – How is it possible to operate on that many hours of NO FOOD?
  10. Having to stop yourself from acting like a 2 year old when you’ve reached ULTIMATE HUNGER LIMITS
  11. The joy of meeting a fellow hangry friend, who understands EXACTLY where you’re coming from!


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