How To Choose The Best Pillow For You


If you are looking to buy pillows that tick both the luxury and comfort boxes, then our luxury pillows range at Dusk allows you to do just that. From super king pillows and ‘feels like down’ fill to soft and plump goose down feather pillows, our range of pillows has all the variety you need to create and maintain a luxurious feel to your bedroom.

But how do you know which one is best for you? Below we have listed some of the most popular choices
of bedding pillow and the advantages of each. Take a look…

Duck down filled pillows

Duck down pillows at Dusk contain a combination of soft duck down and thick white feathers. Our duck
feather and down pillows are made with an outer layer of cotton percale which is cool and crisp to the touch and filled with duck feathers and light down to create the perfect combination of support and comfort. Duck feather pillows are a popular choice for those who like to sleep on their side as the density of the pillow allows for good alignment of the spine and neck during the night.

Goose down pillows

Goose down pillows are one of the favorite kinds of pillow thanks to the light and fluffy filling which contains 80% dense white down. The outer layer is made from cotton that is breathable, allowing for cool comfort while you sleep. Goose feather pillows are firmer than goose down as feathers are stronger and larger than down, meaning they provide sturdier support. For the ultimate balance between firmness and softness, the combination of goose feather and down pillows provides both cloud-like smoothness and strong neck and head support while you are sleeping.

Feels like down pillows

If you are looking for an alternative to natural fibres like feathers then our ‘Feels like down range’ is a great option. The pillows are light and breathable and are filled with synthetic 100% microfibre filling that feels like down yet still provides the comfort and support a luxury pillow should do. Ideal for those who may suffer from allergies, these pillows offer medium level firmness and have a peach skin covering, making them gentle next to the skin.

At Dusk, we believe that because we spend a lot of time asleep it is imperative that time is spent looking for the best pillow for your individual needs. Sleep is a crucial element of overall health and everyone sleeps differently, so taking some time to choose the right pillow will reap rewards for your comfort and well-being as a whole. Have a look at our range today.[/pipdig_padded_text]

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