Four Fun Ways to Customise Your Clothes at Home and Give Them a Boutique Feel | Guest Post


Do you love the look of boutique clothing and appreciate how unique the pieces are? Do you wish you could fill your wardrobe with these pieces giving you that truly personalised look that you are striving for but don’t exactly have the budget to update everything? Did you know that by making a few little customisations and changes to your existing clothes, you can actually create that boutique feel at home, and for much less?

Here are four fun ways you can amp up the luxe feel of your clothes and make them feel more unique.

Add Customised Hang Tags

One thing that designer pieces all have in common is that they have their own unique hang tag on them proudly displaying the designer’s name. Why not either remove or cover up the hang tags that exists on your rather non-descript brands and replace them with something unique? You can order creative clothing hang tags, such as these hang tags from Griffes Vivienne, that display your name, a brand name you want to “create”, a logo, or anything else that you think would give your clothing that luxurious boutique feel.

What’s really fun is that you can get creative in the shape, size, and look of your tag. It’s also a good idea if you just so happen to be an aspiring designer and are making pieces of your own from scratch.

Get Out the Scissors and Start Cutting

An easy and fast way to customise your clothing is to get out the sewing shears and start cutting up your items. You can take a look at today’s current fashion trends and see how you can create that same look at home. For example you can cut the top of the shoulder and sleeve of a t-shirt to create the “cold shoulder look”, or give a deep scoop to the neckline of a shirt to create something off-the shoulder.

Add Embellishments to Hems

If you don’t mind getting out a needle and thread, or better yet if you own a sewing machine, you can take your customisation to the next level. Adding embellishments to the hems of shirts, sleeves, trouser legs, and skirt/dress hems will instantly give them a more unique and high-fashion feel. You can add such things as lace, beading, sequins, a different texture or colour of material, etc. This is a chance for you to be creative.

Give Sleeves to Tank Tops

Do you happen to own a large amount of basic tank tops that don’t really scream unique or fashionable? Sure, they can make great layering pieces, but they aren’t exactly exciting. Why not customise them and add sleeves? This is a relatively easy job as well, and again you’ve got options when it comes to what kind of material you use. You can go for something elegant like lace, or something a bit more flirty like a chiffon for example.

When it comes to customising your clothing at home, it helps to take a look at pieces that speak to you in boutiques and then let that act as your inspiration that sparks your own creativity.[/pipdig_padded_text]

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