Top 3 Ways To Chill Out In Spring

There’s nothing I love more than a good chill out sesh! Although you may not associate spring with long, hot baths and snuggly onesies – there are still some great ways to relax and pamper yourself on a sunny spring day.

1. Shower Power

Showers are definitely a lot more appealing than baths, especially after a warm day out. Make the most out of your shower to really chill out by punchy, zesty scents to feel refreshed (I particularly love fruity, citrus scents when I want a little pick-me-up shower before heading out!), whilst soothing floral scents are great for evening chill out time. Invest in a waterproof speaker you can use whilst you’re in the shower, such as the Panasonic Waterproof Bluetooth speaker to blast out your favourite tunes whilst you’re in the shower – and maybe have a cheeky little shower dance whilst you’re at it, to release all the feel-good hormones!

2. Podcast Time

Over the past year or so, I’ve really gotten into listening to podcasts! In fact, I recently published a post all about the 3 podcasts I’d 100% recommend, even if you’re not really into podcasts (yet)! Nowadays, it seems like new podcasts are popping up left, right and centre, and there’s a podcast out there for everyone! I find that listening to podcasts really helps me to chill out and take my mind off anything that is stressing me out at the time.

3. Head Outside

Spring brings along with it warmer and sunnier, longer days – and it would be a shame not to make the most out of it! Head outside for an evening walk after work or an afternoon walk at the weekend. You could also organise a picnic in the garden or a nearby park and take in the fresh air, and the sounds of the chirping birds and buzzing bees to really unwind in nature. Check out my previous post on how to make the most out of sunny spring days.

This is a collaborative post.