How To Maintain Your Energy Levels On A Busy Day | Caffeine Free Edition


I rarely ever drink coffee. In fact, I’ve probably had about 3 coffees since the start of the year! I find that caffeine can make me feel anxious, especially if I’m already feeling stressed and so I tend to rely on caffeine-free alternatives to maintain my energy throughout the day.

Today I’ll be sharing some of the things that help me to keep going throughout even the busiest of days, whether I’m out and about or sitting at my desk.[/pipdig_padded_text]


1. Maintain Your Iron Levels

The body relies on iron to transport oxygen through the blood and is vital for providing us with energy to go about our daily life. Iron supplements, such as Spatone, are great for maintaining healthy iron levels in our body, and therefore helps to reduce tiredness. Spatone is made using a naturally occurring iron rich water in Snowdonia and is available in a handy single-use sachet that you can simply pop into your handbag and take with you whilst you’re out and about. It also comes in a delicious apple flavour with added vitamin C to support the immune system (which can also suffer when we’re tired!), and best of all it is kind on the stomach so has fewer of the stomach-related side effects that are normally associated with regular iron supplements. I find the sachets really handy when I’ve got a busy day at work or when I’m travelling. Spatone is available here¬†and you can follow Spatone here.[/pipdig_padded_text]


2. Nibble on Healthy Snacks & Sip on Herbal Tea

What you eat throughout the day can have a major impact on your energy levels throughout the day. I like to start my day with a quick but hearty breakfast in the morning, such as beans on toast. Beans are packed with energy-boosting nutrients, they have a low glycaemic index (so will not give you an energy crash), and they are high in fibre and protein. Throughout the day, try to avoid sugary snacks, and stick to wholegrains and fruit instead. Dried mango is a great on-the-go snack that will help boost your energy and I love snacking on frozen watermelon as the days get warmer. You could also try sipping on some herbal tea throughout the day. Peppermint tea as well as lemon and ginger tea are both great for fighting fatigue – and they are both caffeine-free! Discover more of my favourite teas here.[/pipdig_padded_text]


3. Get The Beauty Sleep Your Body Deserves

I’m pretty much stating the obvious here, however nothing helps your body maintain its energy (and immunity!) levels better than getting the right amount of sleep. We’ve all heard that we need around 8 hours of sleep at night to function at our best the following day, however this may differ from one person to another. Over the years I’ve discovered that I feel my best when I’ve had 9 hours of sleep, and I always make sure to head to be early when I’ve got to wake up early the next morning. So, invest in a calming pillow spray, a good book and some cosy new bedding – and get the beauty sleep you deserve. Your body will thank you for it!

Find out more about Spatone here.

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