How To Give Your Home An Easy Spring Makeover


Spring isn’t just a great time for a bit of cleaning, but it’s also the perfect excuse for adding a bit of colour and life back into your home after the darker winter days. Today I’ll be sharing some easy ways in which you can give your home a bit of a spring/summer update!

1. Mirrors

Adding new mirrors around your house is a fantastic way of capturing and making the most out of the beautiful light that spring brings along with it. Mirrors instantly make a room feel more ‘airy’ and spacious. Go for a round mirror if you prefer a more modern aesthetic in your home, or you can even choose to invest in lots of smaller mirrors, dotted around the house.

2. Flowers

What’s a spring home makeover if it doesn’t involve flowers!? Personally, I prefer fresh flowers as not only do they add splashes of colour to your home, but they also add a pleasant spring scent. You could also add some flowering houseplants around the house – violet, hibiscus and peace lilies are some excellent examples. If you’re prone to hay fever or are known to be a serial-plant-killer, you can opt for some fake flower varieties. There are some really good ones available nowadays, which look very realistic![/pipdig_padded_text]


3. Cushions

One of the easiest ways to update your home for a new season is by changing up your cushions – whether that’s the cushions you keep on the sofa or the ones you keep on your bed. Opt for brighter shades or pastel colours to give your home an instant makeover with minimal effort.

4. Bedding

Similar to cushions, investing in some new bedding is another quick, easy and effective way of updating your room for spring. New bedding doesn’t have to cost a bomb, and there are plenty of affordable high street options which will allow you to change up your bedding according to the season, every season! I love opting for spring-appropriate floral bedding or pastel shades at this time of year. Check out this post on how I added a spring touch to my bedroom.

What is your favourite way to update your home in spring?


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