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Acne isn’t just a teenage problem, and whatever age you may be, acne is an unwanted problem. It can be especially stubborn to get rid of, and there are many different products out there which promise results including facial scrubs which can be bought over the counter.

Many acne sufferers choose to go straight to their doctor to get a prescription for medication to treat the condition. So, which is the best option if you’re suffering from those unwanted spots and blemishes – acne prescriptions or over the counter scrubs?

The Benefits Of An Acne Prescription

If you’ve already tried every regular acne treatment available over the counter and have had no success, you need something more powerful to clear up your skin. A doctor can prescribe medications which can not only control acne but which will also help to prevent scarring and reduce the appearance of any existing scars.

Prescription medications for acne reduces the skin’s oil production, speeding up cell production to reduce inflammation and fight bacteria. This ensures that you skin not only feels smoother and clearer, but it will help it to remain free of acne in the future too.

Many Forms Of Treatment

Although many prescription acne medications come in pill format, there are other options too for those who struggle to swallow tablets. There are some topical creams available which can easily be added into your skincare regime, and when used on clean skin at the right time of time they are guaranteed to work thanks to extensive medical testing.

What Are The Benefits Of An Over The Counter Facial Scrub?

For those who aren’t yet ready to approach their doctor for a prescription, there are some over the counter facial scrub treatments which you may want to try. Although these don’t contain the same kind of powerful medicine which prescription treatments do, they are useful in cleaning facial skin to guard against further breakouts.

How Do Facial Scrubs Work?

When you use a facial scrub on your skin, you are cleaning away the dirt, flakes of dead skin, sweat and oil from its surface. This allows the pores to be opened up, reducing existing acne and guarding against it occurring again. Often, your skin will also feel smoother and look clearer. The right facial scrubs are able to remove dark patches and acne scars as long as they contain the right ingredients.

So, Which Is Best?

Facial scrubs may hold the answer for some people, however if you’ve already tried everything on sale in your local store, you’re probably looking for a treatment that is more powerful and which has been proven to work. It can be hard to find an over the counter treatment which contains all the essential ingredients you need to treat problem skin effectively, so discussing your acne with your doctor and obtaining a prescription is often the best solution to getting the clear, spot-free skin that you have been hoping for.[/pipdig_padded_text]

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