5 Natural Ways To Get A Fresh Spring Look | Guest Post

Spring is in the air, but unfortunately your skin still has the winter blues. Enhance your natural beauty by making your skin look and feel better the natural way. Here are our 5 tips to get you a fresh spring look.

1.   The Right Diet

We aren’t telling you to go on a diet but just watch what you put on your plate. Oily foods, such as dairy products tend to cause more breakouts. Eating foods that are low fat and low sugar help promote glowy skin. Also, eating a diet with a lot of vitamin C helps as well. You should also be drinking plenty of water, 8 glasses a day, minimum. In order to continue to stay hydrated and keep your skin hydrated, eat fruits and vegetables that have a high water content. A few examples are: Cantaloupe, watermelon, cucumber, grapefruit, strawberries, and orange. You can also benefit from adding supplements to your diet to give you that extra boost. Read more about Scams Review to see which supplements are best.

2.   Get Physical

Working out can be difficult to add to your routine if it is something you have not been doing. It is very important to keep your blood flowing through your entire body. After working out, you will notice a glow on your face. Even if you don’t have the time, a walk around the block will make a huge difference. Physical activity is not only good for your physical health and appearance, it is also extremely beneficial to your mental health. Working out causes your body to produce endorphins and endorphins make you feel good. It actually may even cause working out to be addictive. So you will need to push yourself the first few times, but after that, you won’t want to stop

3.   Rinse and Repeat

You need to wash your face 2 times a day with warm water and a cleanser. You should gently massage the cleanser into your skin. The cleanser should contain alpha hydroxy acid or beta hydroxy acid. You should then pat dry and apply a lotion containing benzoyl peroxide, which has antibacterial actions. You should also prep your skin before a workout with a toner to minimize oil production and exfoliate after. You then can apply a moisturizer with shea butter or olive oil. Even though it is is extremely difficult for many, do not pop those zits! Worse case scenario would be scarring but there really is no best case scenario since it will most likely cause more redness and inflammation. If you do see or feel a pimple coming, you can clean the area with rose water, and for 10 minutes leave a cold tea bag on it. Attention all sunglasses and glasses wearers; clean them! They could be causing breakouts around your eyes and nose caused from a buildup of oil and clogged pores.

4.   Rest Up

Life gets busy, and unfortunately the first thing to usually go is our beauty sleep. You should really try to get at least 8 hours every night. Not enough sleep means you and your skin are tired, which definitely will not leave you looking fresh and glowy. You will get dark under eye circles and that just isn’t a cute look on anyone. There are a few other ways to soothe your skin, such as applying honey on it 2 or 3 times a week. Yes, it will definitely be a sticky situation, but well worth it. Don’t forget to wash your bedding along with your pillowcases. That’s where all your oil is being built up. It is recommended to wash your sheets once a week.

5.   Don’t Stress

Don’t sweat the small stuff is what everyone will tell you but now we’re telling you to avoid stress as much as possible. It will only hurt you mentally and physically. Stress causes breakouts, it is a known fact. Stress causes our bodies to produce hormones such as cortisol which causes the skin to be more oily. You can teach yourself stress management techniques like yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises. There are also benefits to doing facial and jawline exercises. They will keep the skin on your neck looking tight and young.

This is a guest post.