How To Find a New Signature Scent That You’ll Love With John Lewis

Finding a scent you adore can be a tricky and overwhelming experience, and that is why when we find a scent we love, we tend to stick to it. If it stands the test of time, we eventually go on to class it as our ‘signature scent’ – a scent that those around us will associate with us…

However, the problem with wearing one particular fragrance over a long period of time, is that eventually you get so used to it that you can’t really smell it and enjoy it any more.

John Lewis recently launched their new #JLSignatureScents campaign, which is all about finding a new signature scent that you will love, based on your current signature scent.

I actually have two signature scents, both of which are quite similar. These are the Bulgari Rose Goldea Eau de Parfum and the Valentino Donna Eau de Parfum, both of which are classic, floral scents that are perfect for day and night.

Based on my two favourite scents, the fragrance expert at John Lewis recommended the Miller Harries Rose Silence Eau de Parfum;

“Rachel’s two favourite fragrances, Bulgari Rose Goldea and Valentino Donnam, are centred around the classic Rose. Therefore I am confident that she will fall in love with British brand Miller Harris’ take on the rose, ‘Rose Silence’. It’s an intoxicating fragrance, and one of their best selling lines. The rose notes are fresh, yet understones of sandalwood create an unexpected, multidimensional impression.”

So… what did I think of my new recommended signature scent?

Basically, I adore it.

Miller Harris is a luxury british fragrance brand that I was not familiar with until I received my recommendation from John Lewis. And now I really wish that I had discovered the brand sooner. ‘Rose Silence’ literally smells like my perfect scent. It is floral (of course) yet still modern and it smells really fresh. The fragrance is light and doesn’t feel overpowering yet it is incredibly long-lasting. I find that some heavy fragrances can give me a headache, however this is perfect as it is so light and crisp, yet still detectable throughout the day. It is just so me.

I would probably never have discovered this perfume if it wasn’t thanks to the John Lewis fragrance experts, and I’m so thankful that I did. I can already tell that this will be a fragrance I will continue to wear and enjoy in the foreseeable future!

Discover your new signature scent at John Lewis online, or pop into your nearest store for some expert advice on choosing a fragrance you will undoubtedly love.

This is a collaborative post.

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