Things That Made Me Happy This Month – February 2018

Last month I shared some of the things made me happy throughout the month of January – a sort of ‘favourites’ post about all the things I was grateful for that month. As it’s – already – the end of February, I thought I would share some of the things that made me smile over the past few weeks.

1. Getting back into reading

It’s been far too long since I last read a book! As I was browsing my local book shop a few weeks ago I came across ‘It Started With A Tweet’ by Anna Bell¬†and the cover caught my eye. We all know that we shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but it’s definitely something I can’t help doing! I’d never heard of Anna Bell before, but I’m always on the hunt to discover new rom-com authors. The book is about a woman who spends her whole life online (sounds familiar?) and after making a catastrophic social-media related mistake at work she is forced to go on a digital detox. I’ve only just started the book but so far I am really enjoying it. Curling up with a book is a great little way of having a digital detox myself in the evenings!

2. Re-joining my old pen friends club

Speaking of digital detoxes, earlier this month I decided to re-join my old pen friends’ club. As I’ve mentioned this a few times on my blog before, I used to absolutely love writing letters to my pen friends from all over the world when I was growing up. I had no idea that these sort of clubs still existed nowadays, but when I discovered that my old pen friends club is still alive and kicking, I decided to fill in the online application form and am currently awaiting my list of pen friends to be sent over. As much as I love spending time online, I find sitting and writing letters to be so therapeutic and would highly recommend it.

3. The first signs of spring

Although I love winter, spring has always been my favourite season. Perhaps this is because I’m a spring baby, but there’s something about spring that makes me happy. Everything generally seems more cheery during the months of spring, and although it definitely still feels like winter, I’ve already noticed the odd flower blooming and birds starting to chirp, the days have slowly started getting longer and the sun’s been making a bit more of an appearance. Yay!

4. Spending time offline

Since my work consists of working online most of the time, making an effort to take regular breaks from technology is so important. And I have really enjoyed doing this too! Earlier this month, we had a lovely family get-together for my baby cousin’s Christening which I really really enjoyed, and throughout the month I have also enjoyed doing some baking and generally taking things a bit slow which has actually left me so much more energised and able to be more productive when I needed to work. Taking some time out offline can do wonders if you’re feeling worn out!

What is one thing that has made you happy this month?


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