The Power of Being Unapologetically Yourself


We’re all constantly told to ‘be ourselves’ – something that is so much easier said than done. Whether it’s because we want to succeed in our jobs, be happy in our relationships or simply feel good about ourselves. However, someone simply offering you the advice to ‘be yourself’ isn’t always an easy task, especially with all the pressure from society to look, act and speak a certain way. Yet there is a certain power in being truly and unapologetically yourself.

I love cats, I go craaaaaazy at Olly Murs concerts, reality TV is my guilty pleasure, my skin never tans and my hair naturally looks like a lion’s mane, I don’t drink, and I love travelling – but I hate flying! These are some of the things that make me, me. And yet I haven’t always found it easy to accept some of these things as being part of who I am.

Growing up in Malta, I used to hate my pale skin – especially after the long summer holidays, when all my friends would return to school with the most incredible tans. Being really fair is something that I have grown to love as I grew older. However, there are some things I still try to ‘hide’ about myself – such as my naturally very big and very curly hair which I painstakingly spend ages straightening every week.

Yet there is a certain power in staying true to yourself and so many ways in which your life can improve once you learn to accept you who are.




You attract the right people to your life

As people, we generally like to associate ourselves with those who are similar to us – whether we have similar values, enjoy doing the same things or we simply share the same sense of humour. And it is only when we are truly being ourselves that we can attract the right people into our lives – people with who we can develop honest friendships or relationships with. If we pretend to be someone we are not, we do not attract the people who we can have real relationships with and who would truly add value to our lives.

It saves you a lot of energy

We all act slightly differently depending on the situation and who we are with – whether we are with our new colleagues, close friends, family or alone. However, going through with a complete character change when you are with different people can take up a lot of your energy. Worrying about what you should be saying or doing to impress others uses up vital brain power that can leave you feeling drained and unhappy, when you could be using that energy doing something you actually enjoy.

It allows you to grow and build courage

Knowing who you are helps you to focus your energy on the things you love and develop into a person that you are proud of being. And the more proud of ourselves we are, the easier it is to stay true to ourselves when we are faced with obstacles. Apart from this, it takes a certain amount of courage to be ourselves – especially when this requires us to go against the crowd. It’s easier to just follow the trend, but taking the more challenging path in order to stay true to yourself and establish your own identity helps you to build courage and a strength of character. We’re all more likely to respect those people who are committed to staying true to themselves, even if that means showing off the quirky side to their character – rather than those who constantly change their values and the way they act depending on who they are with.

It enables you to live your best life

Being your true self enables you to live your best life. You know what you believe in, what you like and what you don’t like, and therefore you can act in a way that makes you happy. Whether that is by knowing where to focus your energy, or even when it’s time to make a change – perhaps the people you hang out with aren’t after all, the sort of people you feel able to have an honest relationship with.

No matter how hard it might sometimes seem, you owe it to yourself (and to those around you) to be completely and unapologetically yourself.

Do you find it easy or struggle to be yourself?
I’d love to know your thoughts!


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