How To Reduce Acne Scars & Achieve Clear Skin


As if acne itself wasn’t enough of a bother, it often leaves behind small scars that can take be pretty hard to get rid of. Acne scars form due to the skin damage left behind from the acne itself, especially if it is severe or quite inflamed. However, the good news is that there actually are some ways in which you can reduce acne scars and achieve a smooth complexion.

Acne Scar Removal Treatment

One of the most effective ways to reduce the appearance of acne scars is with a professional acne scar removal treatment. Places such as The Skin Repair Clinic provide this treatment which uses collagen induction therapy which allows your body to regenerate and repair the skin, to help improve the appearance of the skin following the damage caused by acne scars. This treatment enables new collagen to form, new skin cells to be generated and enhanced blood supply to the area to allow your skin to repair itself quicker. The treatment is quick and uses a specialist medical device which causes no pain.

If you’re interested in learning how to administer treatments such as LED Phototherapy, Ultrasonic Facelifts, or Micro Needling, The Skin Repair Clinic offers a range of training courses that are well worth checking out.

Chemical Peels

Although acne scar treatment is the best way of improving deep acne scarring, chemical peels can help improve the appearance of more mild acne scars. Chemical peels work by removing the top layers of the skin to help smoothen the surface. The type of chemical peel used varies according to each individual’s case, from milder AHA peels to slightly stronger TCA peels and even stronger Phenol peels, with each type of peel having its advantages and disadvantages. TCA peels and Phenol peels are most commonly used to reduce the appearance of acne scarring.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can help mild scarring. Coconut oil is full of fatty acids that have anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties that fight acne-causing bacteria in the skin. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that help to soothe the skin, and is rich in vitamins A, E and K which are great for healthy looking skin. Use this alone or mix with honey and aloe vera for an even more soothing treatment for the skin. Apply this to the face for around 30 minutes then rinse off and repeat this process twice a week.[/pipdig_padded_text]

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