Fragrances from Monsoon & Accessorize

More and more high street brands are starting to bring out their own range of fragrances. Most of them share the same generic floral scent. However others have released fragrances which really stand out from the crowd and are comparable to the fragrances you would normally expect from more high end brands.

I recently got my hands on the Accessorize Lovelily Eau de Parfum as well as the Monsoon Rose Gold Eau de Parfum – both of which smell incredible and would make amazing gifts!

Accessorize Lovelily Eau de Parfum (75ml)

Starting from the Accessorize fragrance, this comes packaged in a beautiful bright pink floral box which looks sweet and vibrant – much like the scent itself! This generous 75ml bottle has a fruity and floral fragrance with notes of raspberry, orange, jasmine and vanilla. It comes in an eye-catching glass bottle with a pink top featuring a pink flower that would look great on any girl’s dressing room table! In particular, this fragrance will appeal to younger women and it would make a really great gift too! At £19 for a hefty 75ml of product, this one is good value for money too.

Monsoon Rose Gold Eau de Parfum (30ml)

The Monsoon Rose Gold Eau de Parfum is definitely the more ‘glamorous’ fragrance of the two. As you would imagine from its name, this has a floral fragrance with notes of rose and tuberose as well as lemon, neroli, musk, vanilla and amber. This has got a slightly more woody, mature scent. If you love floral scents that have something sort of sexy about them, you’ll probably love this one! The perfume comes in an expensive looking glass bottle with simple gold hardware and looks very elegant. At £24 for 30ml, this one is more pricey than the Accessorize fragrance, but I feel that it’s got a bit more depth to it and is something that all the lovely ladies in your life will enjoy.

This post contains PR samples.