Timeless British Watches from Forge & Foster


Although I couldn’t survive without technology, there are some things in life I prefer to do the traditional way. I enjoy hand writing letters and popping a birthday card in the post rather than a sending a text. I love writing my to do lists on a journal, and I’d much rather check the time on a watch rather than on my phone. There’s something I find calming about doing things ‘the traditional way’.

Forge & Foster is a British brand that focuses on creating affordable luxury products including watches that have a timeless and classic British aesthetic with a modern design. The brand is based in London, where products are designed by taking inspiration from high-end fashion and creating beautiful hand-crafted products that are affordable, yet don’t compromise on quality.

After a quick browse on the Forge & Foster website I instantly fell in love with the ‘Rose + Fog Leather Watch‘, which as you can see from the photos, looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL![/pipdig_padded_text]

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The watch has a minimalist style, which is exactly how I like my watches. It has a large white face with the Forge & Foster logo and rose gold detailing, as well as a gorgeous foggy light blue leather strap, which compliments the rose gold perfectly. The blue leather strap instantly caught my eye as, apart from blue being my favourite colour, it’s quite uncommon to see a watch with this colour leather strap – which is quite surprising as it looks beautiful with rose gold.

As for the quality, it is 100% up there with more expensive brands – not that I expected anything less. All Forge & Foster watches are hand-made by craftsman with many years of experience in watch-making, and use only good quality materials.[/pipdig_padded_text]


The watch itself arrived in the post well protected and packaged in a lovely presentation box, which you can see above. This makes it perfect if you were planning on giving the watch to someone as a gift (not only does it look great in its packaging, but it’s also easy to wrap – WIN-WIN!!)

The Rose + Fog Leather watch is available on the Forge & Foster website for £69 and the website also offers free worldwide shipping on all orders over £50. All the watches come with a lengthy 24 month warranty, which just goes to show how good the quality is.[/pipdig_padded_text]


Visit the Forge & Foster website to view their full range of watches and follow them on Instagram for more inspiration.


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