My Current Must-Have Shoes + 5 Tips On How To Shop For Shoes Online


Up until I was a teenager, I really didn’t care about what shoes I wore. As long as they were comfortable, they were absolutely fine. However, as I grew older (and ahem, wiser), I’ve really come to appreciate the difference that wearing the right pair of shoes can make. We’ve all read the quote;

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”

And whilst I wouldn’t 100% agree with this, I do believe that wearing the right pair of shoes can help give your confidence a much-needed little boost.

If you’ve seen my latest outfit post, you will know that I am currently obsessed with brogues. Specially my tan leather brogues from ASOS which I have been wearing non-stop recently. They are super comfortable, feel like really good quality (at just £35!) and most of all, I feel really confident when wearing them. I love styling them with a pair of blue jeans and a jumper, and I know I will carry on wearing them lots through spring too – they would look great with a skirt or shirt dress.

I must admit – I’m not a fan of high heels, and although I used to love the extra height and the way heels seem to give you a better posture up until a few years back, I would much rather stride around in my smart flats nowadays, and have learnt to stand tall in even the flattest of flat shoes.

Over the past few years I’ve built up a little collection of ankle boots, loafers, ballerina pumps, trainers that I am really pleased with and cover pretty much any occasion that I want to dress for. However, I feel that my new tan brogues have filled a little hole in my shoedrobe just in time for the winter and spring months. They’re a must-have in everyone’s shoedrobe![/pipdig_padded_text]


Although I prefer shopping for shoes in store and trying them on for myself, sometimes there just isn’t enough choice on the high street and I carry on my search online. Below are my top 5 tips on how to shop for shoes online:

Use a shoe size convertor

The number one problem when shopping for shoes online is choosing the right size, especially if you’re shopping in European sizes when you’re normally used to shopping in UK sizes. Using a shoe convertor is a must when shopping online, and it can help you to easily choose the right shoe size for you.

Check for details on materials used

Just like when you’re shopping online for clothes, it’s hard to judge the quality of a pair of shoes from a website image. That’s why it’s a good idea to always check for details on the materials used. Are the shoes made from genuine leather or faux leather, are they padded on the inside? This is all information that you can use to understand the quality of the shoes you want to purchase better.

Check the heel height

If you’re after a new pair of heels, check for information on the height of the heels you’re looking to buy. Most reputable online shops will provide this information about the shoes available on their website, and this will help you figure out if the shoes are the perfect height for you, or if they might be a little bit impossible to walk in!

Check the reviews

This may be an obvious one when shopping online, however reviews can be super helpful when you’re shopping for shoes. Apart from information on the quality, you can frequently find information on what the sizing of the shoes is actually like in the reviews – whether they are true to size or whether that particular model of shoe runs a size smaller/larger.

Once they arrive, try them on straight away

Once you have placed your order and your new pair of shoes have been delivered, try your shoes on straight away without removing any of the labels, and do this indoors so as not to damage or dirty the shoes in any way. That way you can still be in time to return the shoes or exchange them for a different size. Try them on with a pair of socks or tights if that’s how you plan on wearing them and assess if they feel comfortable. After all, there’s nothing worse than being stuck with a pair of shoes that don’t fit![/pipdig_padded_text]

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