5 Beauty Mistakes I Wish I’d Avoided When I First Got Into Makeup

I first got into makeup when I was around 14 years old – back in 2006 when everyone my age was obsessed with lining their lower waterline with tons of black kohl eyeliner. Little did I know that it would make my already small eyes look even smaller and would add virtually nothing to my overall appearance. However, that’s not the only beauty mistake I wish I’d avoided when I first got into makeup…

I guess that, as with anything else, you’re bound to make some mistakes when you first start getting into makeup. The only problem with making errors on the makeup front is that these errors are pretty visible considering that they’re ON YOUR FACE. I know I’m not the only one who cringes when looking back at photos from my early-to-mid teens. Here are some of the mistakes I really wish I’d steered clear of.

Mistake 1 – Applying eyeliner beneath my bottom lashes

For the first year or two, the only makeup I wore was my trusty black kohl eyeliner and some mascara on my top lashes. And I started out by applying the eyeliner beneath my bottom lashes only – a great look if you were going for panda vibes. Some time later, I braved the ‘eyeliner in the waterline’ trend which I’d always been scared to do, and once I’d mastered this, it was all I ever did! Little did I know that this made my eyes appear tiny! Nowadays, I rarely ever use kohl eyeliner and prefer to apply some black liquid eyeliner above my lashes to make my eyes appear slightly bigger.

Mistake 2 – Wearing foundation over my lips

By the age of 17 I delved into the world of foundations – not that I needed it! My skin was perfectly clear, but I used it to help cover up my freckles (which I really don’t mind nowadays!). And not only did my foundation cover my freckles, but it also covered up my lips – and we all know how attractive foundation lips look! I wasn’t even a little bit interested in lipstick at the time – in fact, it wasn’t until I was around 21 that I actually got into wearing lipstick. So the least I should have done was wipe the excess foundation off my lips!

Mistake 3 – Wearing the totally wrong shade of foundation (+ not blending it down my neck)

Choosing your first foundation – especially if this is a drugstore foundation that you must colour-match yourself – is bound to go wrong. I’ve always known that my skin is really fair, but when it came to choosing a foundation, I seemed to think that I was much more tanned than I could ever hope to be! Wearing the wrong foundation is never a good look – especially when it stops sharply on your jawline, leaving you with a very attractive harsh orange line. If your foundation is a bit too dark for your skin, you can somtimes get away with blending it down your neck – but this is something I wasn’t aware of back then!

Mistake 4 – Not wearing any blusher – or wearing way too much

Me and blusher have had a rather difficult relationship over the years, and it took me a fair while to learn how to apply just the right amount of blusher (and check that it still looks ok in bright light, after having applied it in my dark bedroom early in the morning!). At first, I wasn’t interested in blusher at all, leaving me with a very flat looking one (orange) colour complexion. Then, when I did finally want to experiment with blusher, I went slightly (read: very) overboard, and decided never to touch the stuff again. Eventually, and with the right tools I got the hand of it, and I don’t feel that my makeup looks complete when I don’t wear blush nowadays!

Mistake 5 – Not bothering to do anything with my eyebrows

This is both a good and a not-so-good thing. It’s a good thing because I never over-plucked my eyebrows, which actually left me with eyebrows. However, I never bothered to shape them or fill them in, in any way. I thought that nobody really cared about eyebrows anyway – it’s all about the eyeliner/orange foundation OBVS! As time went by, I tried applying a slightly-too-dark eyebrow pencil, and it wasn’t until just a few years ago when I started filling in my eyebrows using a powder, then eventually moved onto other products such as the Benefit Gimme Brow and Benefit KA-Brow, both of which I absolutely love.

Did you make any of these mistakes when you first got into makeup?


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