4 Different Sports To Try This Year

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I’ve always enjoyed keeping fit, but as I got older I seem to have found it harder to incorporate exercise into my weekly routine.  With so many different sports and exercise classes nowadays, I am determined to get back into working out this year! Today I’ll be sharing 4 different sports to try out if like me, you want to try and incorporate more fitness into your life.

And if you currently practise any of these sports – I’d love your advice on starting out!




I have never been a good swimmer. Growing up, I did attend swimming lessons *let’s not mention the time I drowned in the swimming pool and had to get pulled back up by my swimming teacher* However, swimming is such a great way of keeping fit – even a leisurely swim can help tone your muscles and strengthen your core, hips, arms, shoulders, and glutes. Brands such as Tyr do a great range of swimwear that not only looks great but is also designed to be comfortable and give you the freedom you require when swimming.


This may sound like a random one to try out – however badminton has been on my ‘sports I’d love to try’ list for years now (so it’s really about time I did something about it!). I played badminton for a couple of months one summer when I was much younger and having really enjoyed it, I have since always wanted to start playing it regularly! Badminton is a great way of improving your reflexes and agility whilst having fun. There are also lots of badminton clubs close to where I live, so I really have no excuse here!


One of the sports I really enjoyed when I was still at school was running, and I always looked forward to sports day just because I knew there would be lots of running involved! Joining a local running club can be a fun way of getting fit whilst making new friends – added to that, it’s so good for your heart, strengthens your joints and because when you run your brain pumps feel-good chemicals called endorphins throughout your body, you always end a run feeling grrrrrrreat!


I practised ballet for over 10 years of my life, and I noticed that my overall health and fitness was at its best during this time – so I don’t really know why I stopped! I was more energetic, flexible and had a much stronger core. I would love to join an adult ballet class or try out ballet-inspired fitness classes at Barrecore. If you’d love to try out a different type of dancing, you could consider zumba, or channel your inner Strictly Come Dancing and try out ballroom dancing!

Do you practise any of these sports? I’d love your opinions on what sports I should try out this year!


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