Magnitone Limited Edition Barefaced Shimmer Collection


As I mentioned in my recent posts, 2017 was the year that I turned 25 – and also the year that I really started to take my skincare seriously. One of the parts of my skincare routine which I really wanted to improve on was my cleansing and the Magnitone Barefaced Brush from the Limited Edition Shimmer Collection has found a perfect place in my daily skincare routine.

The Magnitone Barefaced Brush is designed to enhance daily skin cleansing and boost the microcirculation of the skin. The box contains the facial cleansing brush, a wireless USB travel charger, a travel bag, an active clean brush head and a stimulator brush head. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for any beauty lovers to find underneath their Christmas tree this Christmas – or for anyone who wishes to really improve on their skincare this new year (yourself included!). This Christmas, Magnitone have released a limited edition gorgeous rose gold brush, as well as a pretty pastel blue shade.[/pipdig_padded_text]


Cleansing your skin properly and ensuring that all traces of makeup, excess oils and dirt and removed from your skin is essential for good skin health, to tone this skin and in order to ensure that any skincare products that you apply to your skin afterwards are properly absorbed and are therefore able to work more effectively.[/pipdig_padded_text]


The product is incredibly easy to use and can be used in two different ways – the daily cleansing mode that encourages you to cleanse your face using the brush for 1 minute, with beeps every 20 seconds to let you know when to move on to a different part of your face (t-zone, cheeks, neck). If you want to give your skin an even deeper cleanser, you can also use the toning mode which works to boost the circulation in your skin, helping you achieve a gorgeous glow, even in the colder winter months.[/pipdig_padded_text]


I have only recently added the Magnitone Barefaced to my skincare routine yet I can already tell that it has made a difference to my skin. Not only does it look much clearer (and has helped with any spot breakouts I have experienced) but it also feels much softer, which is not something that I normally experience when the weather gets cold in winter!

This Christmas, the Magnitone Barefaced is on a fantastic offer and you can actually save £40 off the RRP. Available from Boots.

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