Where have I been!? A Little Life Update

Things have been a little quiet over on my blog throughout the past month, which is a little bit unusual for me! However, I’ve missed getting to write up a post on my special little corner on the web so I though I’d write a little life update post on where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to over the last few weeks – that way, we can have a little catch up!

1. A flying update!

Back in March I shared a personal post on my journey to overcoming one of my biggest fears – flying alone. Well, things didn’t really go to plan and I ended up cancelling that trip due to an ear infection, which I was gutted about. However, I knew I would have to book another flight alone this year – and that actually happened last Sunday. And after weeks of (unnecessary) stress mixed with excitement I am so pleased to say that I did it! And it was completely fine! Although I felt pretty anxious before getting on the plane, once we took off and I got stuck into watching one of my favourite films ever, Bridget Jones’ Baby, I felt calm and actually… sort of enjoyed it!? It’s incredible how sometimes, our thoughts of how something might play out are so much worse than the reality and just a personal reminder for the next time I need to fly alone…. it’s only bad until the flight takes off, once it does, the countdown to landing begins!

2. Meeting one of my best friends for the first time

Around 10 years ago, I (virtually) met Nicola, who has since become one of my very best friends. Yet all this time, our friendship was pretty much based just online! For our 10 year friend-anniversary we thought it was about time we met up face to face. So we set up a little shopping date last week and spent the afternoon shopping and basically enabling each other to buy ALL THE GOODS, which was very enjoyable! (And let’s not leave it another 10 years this time!!)

3. Shopping!

Apart from getting started on my Christmas shopping, I have been really loving all the autumn/winter trends this year and felt that my wardrobe needed a bit of an update. After years of spending most of my money in Primark and having a wardrobe which consists of 80% Primark, I thought it was time to start buying slightly better quality clothes – and less of them too. So after a huge wardrobe clear out, I’ve been updating my wardrobe with a few new bits which reflect my current style from Topshop, ASOS, New Look (and a little bit of Primark of course, I cannot resist!). I’m planning on filming an autumn/winter clothing haul in the coming weeks so stay tuned for that over on my channel.

4. Getting Christmassy?

loooooooove this time of year – the build up to Christmas day is one of my favourite times of year. However, this year I just haven’t started to feel Christmassy yet. Maybe it’s because I’ve done the majority of my shopping so far online (so haven’t been walking through all the beautifully decorated streets so much yet) or perhaps it’s because I’ve only just started catching up on everyone’s vlogmas videos – whatever it is, I just cannot wait to get our Christmas tree up at home, wrap all the presents and start feeling super festive!