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2017 was a big year for me and my little blog. Amongst the changes it’s brought with it, 2017 was the year that Beauty and the Bird evolved from being just a side hobby to being a part-time job. Getting to invest more time into my little corner of the web has brought me so much joy this year, and today I’ll be taking a look back at some of my favourite blog posts that I published this year.




January 2017 was a month which mainly consisted of adjusting to staying at home and working part-time on my blog and freelance work whilst looking for a new part-time job. This meant that I pretty much wore no makeup for around 2 weeks – and this inspired one of my favourite and most popular blog posts of the year, ‘5 things I learnt from going completely makeup free‘ – I’m sure you’ll relate to some of these if you’re a makeup lover!

Speaking of makeup, my love for all-things-beauty definitely comes from my mum, and so I decided to take a peek into my mum’s makeup bag in the spring and discover some of her go-to products, which you can see in my post ‘A look inside mum’s makeup bag‘.

As a beauty blogger, I am fortunate to receive a number of beauty products from companies to try out. Although I end up loving lots of the products I receive, I do sometimes receive products that I wouldn’t normally try out. This inspired my ‘Makeup trends I wouldn’t normally wear‘ series – and I particularly loved the finished result of my ‘bold lips‘ post in this series.[/pipdig_padded_text]



2017 was the year that I fell deeper in love with fashion, and so I wanted to make an effort to publish more outfit posts on my blog. I started the year by kindly asking (#forcing) my boyfriend to take some photos for an outfit post, and published my ‘Velvet Valentine’s Day Outfit‘ where I styled a gorgeous velvet floral dress from Topshop with an equally gorgeous navy blue coat, also from Topshop.

Later on in the year I kindly asked (#alsoforced) my mum to take some outfit photos in a pretty yellow floral dress from PrettyLittleThing for my ‘Term time style on a budget‘ post and these turned out to be some of my favourite ever photos on my blog – who knew she was such a great photographer!?

More recently, I decided to be a bit braver in my fashion choices, and showed how easy it is to style a statement coat in my ‘The statement pink teddy coat: How to style‘ post – I loved the end result![/pipdig_padded_text]



Because 2017 was my 4th year blogging, I felt ready to start sharing a few tips that could help new bloggers, or anyone who might be considering to start a blog. At the beginning of the year, I started by reflecting on the mistakes that I made when I first started blogging – and spoke about what I would do differently if I could start over in my ‘Blogging Mistakes I Made‘ post. This includes some useful tips for new bloggers.

I also wrote a post discussing ‘Do you really need an expensive DSLR camera for blogging?‘. For over 2 years, all the photos I published on Beauty and the Bird were taken on my trusty old iPhone, and it wasn’t until December 2015 when I got my hands on a DSLR camera – but was it worth it!? (#cliffhanger)

And for anyone who’s still undecided about whether to start a blog in the new year – my post on ‘How blogging can help improve your career: Skills to add to your CV‘ might encourage you to do so![/pipdig_padded_text]



Although the first few years on Beauty and the Bird where all about makeup and fashion, I’ve really enjoyed sharing some more personal posts on my blog this year. I started off by giving you a ‘Sneak peek into my home office space‘ where I also shared my experience on working from home as opposed to working from an office everyday, as I had done the previous year. I then delved into VERY PERSONAL POST TERRITORY when I published a post on my journey of ‘Overcoming my biggest fear‘ – something that I’ve spent most of this year working on.

More recently, I wrote a post all about how ‘Great things DO come from comfort zones‘. Every day we come across inspirational quotes that encourage us to push ourselves further and get out of our comfort zone. However, I believe that this is not always the case. Sometimes life is all about finding our comfort zones, and excelling in that! We don’t always need to push ourselves to achieve new goals.

And sometimes, we just need to enjoy a ‘5 minute self-care ritual‘ to get back on track and do great things!

Finally, thanks to all my readers for sticking with me this year *hugs all round*


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