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When it comes to sorting out my brows, there’s only really one brand that comes to mind – and that’s Benefit. Over the years, Benefit’s brow collection has grown considerably – both in the shops and in my personal makeup collection!

Ever since first trying out the Benefit Brow Bar at Debenhams earlier this year I have relied on Benefit products to sort my brows out – and today I’ll be sharing some of my top picks from the brand.


There are 2 products I rely on when my eyebrows are in serious need of a bit of maintenance – 2 products that will magically transform the messiest of brows into perfect arches (and I’m speaking from experience here!) These are the Benefit KA-Brow followed by the Benefit Foolproof Brow Powder. When my brows haven’t been professionally done in a while, they tend to look a bit shapeless and just meh. The Benefit KA-Brow comes with a super cool in-built angled brush and the product itself is a rich, buildable formula which allows you to fill in, sculpt and define the brows. You can see what my brows look like when using the Benefit KA-Brow on its own in this post. The result is very natural and yet defined.

However, if you want to go one step further to set your brows in place for an even longer lasting result – and one that looks even more natural – the Benefit Foodproof Brow Powder is your gal. The velvety smooth powder comes in light, medium or dark and each one consists of two shades – a slightly darker shade for the inner half of the brow and a lighter shade for the outer half of the brow, helping you to achieve the most natural look possible. This easy-to-use powder looks great when used with the KA-Brow, however it can also be used alone for a more natural (yet still long-lasting) finish.[/pipdig_padded_text]


Although I absolutely love the results achieved when I can spend a bit more time on my brows as part of my makeup routine, there are some days when I’ve only got time for a super quick makeup look in the morning – and for those days, the Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil and Benefit 3D Brow Tones come in very handy indeed! Using the Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil is a super quick way to add some definition to your brows and fill in any sparse areas. This comes with a twist-up pencil on one end, perfect for creating hair-like strokes in your brows, and a spoolie brush on the other side to brush your brows in place (and it’s also great for getting rid of any excess product that you might have applied to your brows!).

Following this, the Benefit 3D Brow Tones is amazing for adding some dimension to your brows and is key to having natural-looking filled in brows in a second. Think of this as adding some natural highlights to your brows! The 3D Brow Tones comes in 2 shades (light/medium and natural/deep) and gives you 12 hours of water-resistant wear, so you can be sure that your brows will be looking perfect throughout the (rainy) days and into the cold evening this festive season!

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