The Perfect Pamper Evening | A Cosy Autumn Night In

Ahh.. bath time, the perfect way of unwinding after a long day at work and the best start to any pamper night. Yet according to a recent study, a third of us take just 4 baths a year – instead opting for a shower on most days in order to save time. However, I’m a firm believer that treating yourself to some quality ‘me time’ is a great way to relax after a busy day and get a better night’s sleep.

One of my favourite ways to de-stress after a hectic day is by treating myself to a cosy pamper evening. Especially now that the days are getting colder and shorter, it’s so nice to enjoy a long, hot bath and a face mask before slipping into some cosy PJs and getting into bed.

It’s easy to understand why it might be tempting to opt for a shower on most days, as baths can definitely be more time consuming. However, I believe that taking the time to have a bath and truly pamper ourselves at least once a week can be very beneficial to our wellbeing. After all, having a bath has been scientifically proven to relieve stress, soothe the skin (especially when using the right products), improve circulation, and aid sleep.

To me, having the perfect pamper night in is one of the best ways to enjoy a cosy autumn night in.

How to: The Perfect Pamper Night

Step 1: Run a warm bath

The first step to having the perfect pamper night is by running a warm bath. Recently, I have been really enjoying the Nelsons Arnicare Bath & Massage Balm, a product I have only recently discovered. This is a luxurious dual-purpose product that can be used both in the bath, to soften the skin, and also as a massage oil to soothe aching muscles and nourish the skin. The balm is made from a combination of natural ingredients, including Arnica Montana extract, to leave the skin feeling silky soft, as well as Lavender, Grapefruit, Evening Primrose and Sweet Almond Oil to calm the senses and relax the mind. Available here.

Step 2: Light a scented candle

I love having a scented candle lit when I’m in the bath. The warm light emitted is great for creating ambient lighting, as opposed to the usual harsh bathroom lighting, and the scent, especially when this complements the scent of the bath oil, can really enhance the whole experience.

Step 3: Read a book/magazine

Although I love reading, I rarely find the time to get lost in a good book or magazine. A pamper evening is the perfect time to finally get started on that book you’ve been dying to read or catch up on your favourite monthly mag (anyone else absolutely devastated that Glamour will stop releasing a monthly print issue!?).

Step 4: Pamper your skin

Skipping the post-shower moisturiser is something I’m quite often tempted to do. However, I always make sure to use a moisturiser after getting out of the bath – I love the feeling of having super soft skin when I get into bed, and even more so the next morning! As I mentioned, the Nelsons Arnicare Bath & Massage Balm can also be used as a massage balm to moisturise the skin and using it after your bath is a great way for making the relaxing scent last even longer on your (super soft) skin.

Step 5: Get into your cosiest PJs

The best way to finish off a pamper night and transition into your bedtime routine is by getting into the cosiest PJs you own! Not only is this a great way to prepare yourself for a great night’s sleep but it also means that the scent of your bath product will linger over your skin/PJs all through the night, ensuring that you can enjoy a relaxing, restful and well-deserved sleep!

Are you more of a shower or a bath person?


This is a collaborative post.