What to Buy for Your Favourite Guy – A Christmas Gift Guide for Men | Guest Post

There’s no better feeling in the world than finding the perfect gift for that one special person in your life. And how special men are to us, our fathers, brothers, husbands, boyfriends, and friends, how we cherish those kind, loving men who make our lives brighter. The gift must, of course, be wonderful.

But how do we pick the right one? How do we find the one that will make their face split into a grin, that will make them all excited and eager to open it? In case you’re feeling a bit stumped and don’t know what to get, we’ve got a few great ideas that will make your favourite guy happy and grateful.

Cool glasses

A pair of shades that will make him look like a movie star is the quickest way to make your man feel incredibly sexy. As soon as he puts them, on take a selfie together, both of you looking like Hollywood celebrities, too cool for this world. Sunglasses are also a good gift for men who love sports, especially snow sports. Get them a polarized pair of glasses and they’ll be able to enjoy their favourite activity even more.

A leather wallet

Good, quality leather is something that lasts, and grabbing them a wallet is a sure way to make them think about you often. They’ll reach for it every day, and if you like, you can even sneak in a little note inside, a little drawing or a quote, something that will make them smile when they find it.

Beard grooming

A beard is a point of pride for any man who cares about his appearance. A little grooming kit is the perfect way to make your man feel pampered without going overboard, so get them something that contains oils, waxes, wooden combs, and a small trimmer. Men do love to take care of themselves too, even though they won’t admit it freely, and a beard grooming kit can fit right into their daily ritual.

A bottle of good whiskey

There’s absolutely no way to go wrong with this one. Does your man enjoy an occasional glass of alcohol? Nothing speaks “smooth gentleman” better than sipping on a high-quality whiskey, and if you want to make them feel really special and show them how well you know their taste, why not get them a tailored whiskey? You can pick the base grain and malt, the cask, the bottling, and really create a unique blend that no one else in the world will have.

Some useful skincare

When it comes to skincare, men can often get a little lazy because they don’t always know what kind of products to pick for themselves. Getting them to even buy sunscreen is a real task, so why not get them a good selection of products that will make the process easy for them? Their skin needs some lovin’ too, and once they learn how to care for it they’ll be amazed at how the quality of it improves.

A board game

This is a great gift for those guys who love having their friends or family gathered around a table to bond. There are various kinds of board games out there, from strategies to puzzles, and they offer the perfect excuse to invite people over for a night of fun, drinking, and laughter. Try something like Codenames, Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, or others.


Latest gadgets

A new phone, a Fitbit, a digital watch – there are many options for techies out there. Even if you aren’t sure what kind of a gadget you should get, you can always get them useful accessories, like an iPhone case or a leather sleeve for their tablet. If they love to read, consider buying them an e-reader like Kindle.

You know your favourite guy better than most people, so tailor these tips to suit his taste. Remember, whatever you pick is bound to be great if you show them you put some thought into it. Attach a funny little note, give them a hug, and they’ll surely love it.

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