5 Reasons Why It’s Ok Not To Have Weekend Plans

‘What are your weekend plans?’ – one of my most dreaded questions to be asked. Up until a few years ago, I always made sure that I had a weekend packed with exciting plans. More recently however, my weekends have become more and more relaxed. You might say I’ve become a bit of a granny on weekends (actually, my granny normally has more weekend plans than I do!) But you know what? That’s ok!

Admittedly, I would get pretty bored if I never had any weekend plans. However, I tend to prefer planning things to do during the week, then enjoying a more relaxed Saturday and Sunday. One where I can just wake up and have the freedom to decide what I’d actually prefer to do – whether that’s going out or staying in and binging on The Apprentice (and chocolate).

Whether you’re more of a party animal or a homebody at the weekend, here are 5 reasons why you should embrace lazy weekends every once in a while.

1. No schedules = FREEDOM!

Most of us spend so much of our working day constrained by schedules and structuring our time according to work activities such as meetings or deadlines. In contrast, the thought of waking up on a Saturday morning with the pure freedom to do whatever your heart desires can feel pretty liberating!   Not having a planned schedule at the weekend may feel a bit strange at first – it’s not what we’re used to, after all. However, embracing the feeling of having absolutely nothing set in your weekend diary will allow you to feel more in control of your own time and able to spend your weekend doing the things you enjoy.

2. Putting yourself first

Making weekend plans can sometimes mean doing the things you don’t really enjoy or should be doing, just so that your weekend diary isn’t completely empty. However, after spending most of the working week doing things for others (your boss, your colleagues, your clients, etc.), why not just allow yourself to put yourself first at the weekend? Fancy binging out on Netflix – why not!? Been putting off a well-needed wardrobe sort-out for months? Do it for YOU! And do it this weekend!

3. Catch up on some well-earned sleep

Not being a morning person means that waking up early for work can be a bit of a struggle. That’s why I always allow myself to catch up on some well-earned sleep at the weekend. Although I’m aware that this might not be the coolest thing for a 25 year old to say, to me, there’s nothing worse than making plans late on a Friday night, when all I want to do is get into my snuggly PJs, light a scented candle and curl up in bed to catch up on YouTube or read a book, and enjoy the benefits of sleeping early. Nothing quite beats a super chilled Friday night!

4. Spending quality time with family

Making weekend plans frequently involves going out of the house and spending time with our friends or even colleagues. However, weekends are often the best time to spend some quality time with family. Everyone is (normally) less stressed and more relaxed at the weekend, which makes it the perfect time to enjoy each other’s company and maybe create some new family traditions that you can enjoy every weekend!

5. A chance to recharge

Above all, the weekend is your chance to recharge. Making no formal weekend plans gives you the perfect opportunity to do so. Enjoy a cosy pamper night, complete with your favourite face mask and bath products. Go for a fresh walk in the countryside, spend time with your loved ones or treat yourself to some retail therapy in time for the new season. Whatever it is that you enjoy, don’t let the pressure of having weekend plans stop you from recharging and clearing your head in time for the new week ahead.

So, will you be enjoying a no-plans weekend?