My Ultimate Road Trips Wish List | 3 Road Trips I’d Love To Go On

There’s something about planning a road trip that I find really exciting! Whether it’s researching the places where we can stop by, finding out about the things there are to do nearby or just simply Googling the most scenic routes – I just love it!

As I’ve just returned from a short holiday in Sicily last month and currently have no holidays or trips planned, today I’m teaming up with Purple Parking to share three road trips that I would absolutely love to go on! Plus, as someone who doesn’t particularly love travelling by plane, road trips are a great way to explore lots of different places.

An Italian Adventure

My small taste of Italy last month has made me want to explore the country even further. Not only does Italy offer some of the most amazing food I’ve ever tasted, but there’s also lots to see in terms of the breathtaking scenery! One of the places I would love to go on a road trip on is the Amalfi Coast. The coast, which is on the west-side of Italy, just south of Naples offers some of the most stunning views – perfect for a relaxed drive with photo-stops along the way. From Amalfi, I would love to drive up to Positano, a cliffside village and then carry on to Sorrento, a beautiful coastal town.

Exploring the Scottish Highlands

Of all the places I have ever visited, one of my favourite places will always be the Scottish Highlands! I spent a week in the Highlands with my family last year – you can check out the photos in this post – and with the incredible views and relaxing atmosphere, I would absolutely love to do it again. The Highlands offer a great mix of leisurely walks, more intense hiking, amazing photo opportunities and pure relaxation – perfect for completely switching off from your everyday worries and enjoying some peace and quiet with a little adventure thrown in for good measure!

Exploring New Zealand

I’ve never travelled outside of Europe. However, one of the places I would love to visit in my life is New Zealand – and what better way is there to get to know the country better, than exploring it via an adventurous road trip? So many people mention the many diverse landscapes which New Zealand has to offer (just look at the beautiful Lake Tekapo, above!) – and although this would be a bit of a longer road trip to plan, it’s definitely one that promises to be unforgettable!

What’s on your road trip wish list?

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