Ted Baker Porcelain Rose | Blush Pink Collection


Like many others, Ted Baker is one of my favourite high-end fashion brands – their bags and purses in particular are just so beautiful. The great news is that our Ted Baker obsession doesn’t need to stop in our wardrobe – we can now take the iconic British brand right into our beauty regime too!

Earlier this year, Ted Baker released the Porcelain Rose bath and body collection in Boots. The collection consists of 3 fragrances – Pretty Pearl, a fruity floral scent with red fruits and peach, Opulent Pearl, a sophisticated woody-floral fragrance with citrus notes, and Blush Pink, a soft floral fragrance with fruity undertones, which I will be reviewing today.

The Ted Baker bath and body collection has a great range of products that would make fantastic gifts this Christmas – or a lovely little treat for yourself! Just like you would expect with anything released by Ted Baker, the products look beautiful with a pretty floral design.

The bath and body collection includes body washes, body lotions, body sprays, wash bags,  a cute selection of travel minis starting from just £3 and gift items starting from £4 – perfect for the Ted Baker fans in your life!

So… after having tried out the products over the last few weeks, are the actual products as good as they sound?



Ted Baker Blush Pink Body Wash

Gone are the days when I would use any old body wash in the shower! As I’ve grown older, I have started to really appreciate my shower time and just how much it can help me to unwind and relax before bed, after a long day at work. The Ted Baker Blush Pink Body Wash is fragranced with a combination of jasmine, neroli, patchouli, sandalwood and musk and once applied to wet skin, it lathers up really nicely, leaving my skin feeling soft and lightly fragranced. Available from Boots.[/pipdig_padded_text]


Ted Baker Blush Pink Body Scrub

I love incorporating a body scrub into my shower routine around once or twice a week as I find that they make such a big difference in the way my skin feels. The Ted Baker Blush Pink Body Scrub shares the same fragrance as the body wash and is actually quite generously fragranced for a body scrub – which is great for layering up the scent with the body wash. The body scrub contains almond oil which helps to nourish the skin as you massage the product in, and it leaves your skin feeling renewed and super soft! Available from Boots.[/pipdig_padded_text]


Ted Baker Blush Pink Body Spray

No shower is complete without a spritz of your favourite body spray, and the Ted Baker Blush Pink Body Spray complements the rest of the Blush Pink range beautifully. The body spray, which comes in a generous 150ml bottle shares the gorgeous floral scent as the rest of the collection and is actually quite well fragranced for a body spray. Even just a few spritzes of this will leave your skin gorgeously scented for a good portion of the day! Available from Boots.[/pipdig_padded_text]

Have you tried anything from the Ted Baker bath & body range?

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