How To Not Lose Your Keys + GIVEAWAY!

We’ve all experienced that mini heart attack when we’ve got to our car or arrived at our front door and thought for a second that we might have lost our oh-so-important keys! If you’re a bit like me, then most times you’ll end up finding them right at the bottom of your bag and the panic is all over. However, how many of us are actually prepared for the worst case scenario of actually having misplaced our keys?!

Today I’ll be sharing my top tips for how not to lose your keys, and I’ve also got a super handy giveaway, where I’ll be giving you the chance to win Xupo – a key finder that will help you locate your keys when you have no idea where they might be.

Tip 1: Find your keys a home

There’s nothing worse than being in a rush to leave the house, only to realise that you have no idea where your keys are. One of the best ways of preventing this from happening is by finding your keys a home – in your home! Whether that’s on a key hanger or in a pretty little bowl where you will always be able to pick up your keys from. Wherever you decide to place your keys, it’s a great idea to keep them close to the front door and visible to anyone who might need to use them but also out of sight from any windows or from outside the front door itself.

Tip 2: Keep your keys safe when you’re out and about

It’s so easy to drop your keys into any old pocket or bag while you’re on the go – but it’s important to be aware of where exactly you are placing your keys to ensure that they are kept safe and that you will be able to find them easily. I like to designate a specific zipped pocket inside my handbag especially for my keys. Because this is a zipped pocket inside my zipped handbag, this decreases the likelihood of my keys falling out of my bag or getting lost. Also, designating one specific pocket for your keys makes it easier to find them when you’re ready to drive home after work or get back inside your house. I also find that attaching my keys to a bright, colourful and slightly bigger keyring is great for finding your keys quicker when you’re in your bag or pocket.

Tip 3: Use a key finder

Whenever I can’t find my phone inside my handbag or around the house, I simply ask someone else to call it and instantly, I will know exactly where it is. I can’t even explain the number of times that I could not find my keys and wished that I could do the same thing! With a key finder such as Xupo, you can instantly locate your misplaced keys by calling the key finder from your phone. Xupo comes with an app, which is super quick to set up and allows you to locate your keys in various ways. Apart from calling your Xupo, it also allows you to see exactly where your keys are on a map – very handy! If you’re prone to losing your phone, Xupo will also allow you to call your phone from the gadget itself to help you locate it quicker!

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