A Halloween Pamper Evening With 7th Heaven


If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I looooooooove a good pamper evening! So when I found out that 7th Heaven were releasing 2 brand new face masks in time for halloween, I couldn’t resist treating myself to a seasonal pamper sesh (or two!).

7th Heaven are one of my favourite drugstore face mask brands. In fact, I remember picking up my first ever 7th Heaven face mask packs back when I was about 13 or 14 – when the brand was known as Montagne Jeunesse (anyone else remember!?).

I’ve been having a bit of a nightmare with my skin lately as I’ve been getting quite a few breakouts. Fortunately, both of 7th Heaven’s new face masks are perfect for tackling skin break outs, and because they are both peel-off masks, they leave your skin feeling totally renewed.[/pipdig_padded_text]


7th Heaven Halloween Trick or Treat Peel-Off Mask

7th Heaven have released their popular Cucumber Peel-Off Mask in a limited edition Halloween packaging, which I love! The peel-off mask is formulated for ‘grimy skin’ and claims to ‘remove dead skin & banish grime’. As my skin has been quite oily and acne-prone lately, the timing could not be better. Like all 7th Heaven face masks, there is a generous amount of product inside the packet – more than enough to cover your face. Peel-off masks are a more gentle way of exfoliating your skin than a scrub, and this particular one, formulated with cucumber and lime oil feels particularly refreshing. The first thing I noticed when applying the mask was its zesty lime scent – you can really tell that 7th Heaven are all about using lots of skin-loving natural ingredients in their products. Once the mask dried, I peeled it gently off my skin and was left with a non-greasy, thoroughly cleansed face![/pipdig_padded_text]


7th Heaven Charcoal Peel-Off Mask

This month, 7th Heaven have also released a completely brand new product – a 100% vegan Charcoal Peel-Off Mask (which is pretty Halloween-appropriate too!). The mask contains Birch Leaf, Witch Hazel and Charcoal, making this the perfect face mask for problem skin. The activated Charcoal helps to draw out impurities from the skin, whilst the Witch Hazel and Birch Leaf help to calm and soothe the skin. After applying this to my skin and waiting for it to dry, I peeled it off and was very pleased to discover that it felt very gentle on the skin – not at all like the painful-looking charcoal masks that have been all over the Internet this last year. Once I peeled this off, my skin was left feeling smoother and looking less oily – thumbs up from me!

At just £1 a pack, the 7th Heaven Face Masks are definitely worth trying out!


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