The Cutest Tech Accessories You Need In Your Life

There’s only one thing better than technology – and that’s cute-looking technology! Venom Communications recently partnered up with Happy Jackson (one of the cutest brands around) to create a bright new tech accessories collection – with all the best-looking tech essentials you may need!

There’s no denying that tech accessories such as memory sticks and mobile power banks are useful – but they can also be a bit boring. However, the new Happy Jackson range by Venom Communications is anything but boring! Packed with bold, bright colours and clever slogans, the collection literally had me (internally) screaming when I first set my eyes on it – I just cannot resist a cute stationery/accessories range with a good slogan!

‘Actual Mini Brain’ Memory Stick

For most of us, our memory sticks literally are like mini brains – so I thought this memory stick was so appropriate! The memory stick comes in a bright teal silicon case (no more losing your boring-looking memory stick – this one’s super bright!) and it contains 4GB of memory for you to store and transfer all your photos, music, important documents or anything that takes your fancy! Isn’t it just the cutest!? Available here.


‘Random Crap’ Memory Stick

Equally as eye-catching as the ‘actual mini brain’, this memory stick comes in a slightly bigger size, which I love! (I can’t be the only one who always seems to lose their plain black memory sticks!?). The ‘Random Crap’ memory stick comes in a bright yellow silicon case and also contains 4GB of memory for all your storage needs. I always prefer to use a memory stick, rather than rely on my laptop, when storing any work presentations or important documents for meetings! Available here.

‘Girl Power’ Mirror Power Bank

I love everything about my iPhone – everything except for its battery life! Nowadays, carrying a power bank around with me when travelling is a necessity, but this one in particular is just AHMAZING! As you can see from the photos above, the ‘Girl Power’ power bank not only charges up your phone on-the-go, but it also doubles up as a (decent sized) mirror – super handy! The power bank holds 2000mAh, which is ideal for giving your phone battery a boost when you’re out and about. Available here.

‘Secret Powers’ Power Bank

Another one of my favourite items from the Happy Jackson / Venom Communications collection is this ‘Secret Powers’ power bank. This one holds slightly more power than the ‘Girl Power’ power bank – 2600mAh. However, it still comes a in a handy compact design, making it perfect for popping in your handbag or backpack for on-the-go battery top-ups! Available here.

What is your favourite item from the collection?

This post contains PR samples.