Bach Original Flower Remedies | A Natural Way To Power Through Life!

Bach Original Flower Remedies have been around for over 80 years, and the Bach Rescue Remedy was actually first recommended to me back when I was around 14 years old to help reduce my anxiety at the time. Bach have recently launched a brand new colourful label design, making it even easier to identify the right essence for you (and don’t they look pretty!).

The Bach Original Flower Remedies range consists of 38 natural flower remedies – each of which is designed to target different emotions and challenges that we experience in life. The different essences are categorised in 7 different categories, according to what they target. These are: stand your ground, reach out to others, live the day, live and let live, know your own mind, find joy and hope, and face your fears. Each category has its own colour label associated with it, which I love. For example, the essences which target ‘face your fears’ are orange and those which target ‘find joy and hope’ are pink.

After browsing through the 38 natural flower remedies on theĀ Bach website, I decided to go for 3 essences from 3 different categories. The first one is Wild Oat to ‘know your own mind’, the second one is Rock Rose to ‘face your fears’ and the third one is Crab Apple to ‘find joy and hope’.

The essences are made from flower extracts which are mixed with Grape alcohol (27% v/v) in order to preserve the preparations (not an active ingredient). These are still prepared in exactly the same way as Dr Bach did 80 years ago, and many of the plants and flowers used in the essences are actually from Dr Bach’s original garden in Oxfordshire!

There are several different ways in which you can take the essences – it’s all about finding the best way which works for you. The most simple way of taking the essences is by dropping 2 drops on to your tongue directly from the bottle. However, this does cause the alcohol to taste quite strong (which some people may like!). Alternatively, you can dilute the essences by adding 2 drops to a glass of water (or any drink such as tea, coffee or a fizzy drink), and sip this at intervals.

With so many different remedies available these days, I think it’s great that there are still some natural remedies that we can turn to!

Bach Original Flower Remedies are available from Amazon – Wild Oat, Rock Rose, Crab Apple.

Have you tried the Bach Original Flower Remedies?

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