How To Update Your Room This Autumn | 3 Easy Ways

With every new season, I get inspired to change up a few aspects of my room and make it more season-appropriate. After all, who doesn’t love a seasonal theme in their home!?

Last spring, I added a few new touches to my room which you can take a look at here. This season, I’ll be doing something similar. However, first I thought I’d share a few easy ways on how you can update your room this autumn.

As the days start to get darker, I love adding a pop of colour to my room to add some brightness and these stylish blinds from Scholten & Baijings are a great way of doing so! Unlike most blinds, these Roman blinds come in a range of different patterns and colours, making it really easy to add some colour to your room. The blinds can also be tailor-made to your preferred transparency from being completely transparent, letting as much sunlight through as possible (perfect for living rooms!), to blackout, which completely block out any light from entering the room (great for bedrooms!).

Another great and easy way of updating your room for the current season is by changing up your curtains or adding a cosy new rug to your room. It’s amazing just how much of a difference this can make to the overall appearance of your room! I recently swapped my old curtains for a new set of navy blackout ones, which have made my room look and feel so much more cosy ahead of the autumn/winter. You can also opt for other autumnal coloured curtains such as burgundy or even a mustard yellow shade if you want to keep your room looking bright!

One of the easiest and most overlooked ways of updating any room in the house is by changing around your framed photos according to the season. It’s easy to forget about the pictures you’ve got hanging up on your wall – but switching them up according to the season can help you feel more autumnal/wintery/summery in an instant, and can totally transform the overall vibe of your room. Best of all – this is one of the most affordable ways of updating any room. Simply pick up a couple of frames from any homeware store and print off a few of your favourite seasonal photos – and you’re done!

This is a collaborative post.

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