How I Clean My Makeup Brushes | The Brush Bar

If there’s one thing that most makeup lovers don’t enjoy, it’s cleaning makeup brushes! However, making sure your that brushes are cleaned regularly is important to remove any dirt and germs from your brushes, thereby preventing acne breakouts and ensuring that your brushes remain soft and allow you to apply your makeup as precisely as possible.

A quick Google search of ‘how often should I clean my makeup brushes?’ leaves you with all sorts of different answers ranging from ‘daily’ (yes, really) to monthly. I normally aim to clean my makeup brushes around once every fortnight, however this frequently ends up being once a month.

When cleaning my makeup brushes, I first start by gathering all my used makeup brushes cleaning products/ tools next to the bathroom sink. I normally use a mild shampoo, such as baby shampoo, as well as a couple of brush cleaning tools which I recently got sent from The Brush Bar.


Once I have wet my makeup brushes, I then add some shampoo to The Brush Board and swirl my brushes around until all the makeup and dirt has been removed. The Brush Board is made out of plastic, making it very hygienic and contains six different textures to scrub between and around the brush bristles and ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned. Because it contains so many different textures it is suitable for all types of brushes, including larger face brushes and smaller eye brushes. Once you are done, The Brush Board can easily be cleaned by running it under some warm water and laying it out to dry. Shop here.

A very important step in your makeup brush cleaning routine is the way in which you store your brushes to dry. Brushes can be quite pricey, so you’ll want to make sure that you are taking the best possible care of them. Laying your brushes out to dry on a towel is not recommended as it can cause mildew, whilst storing them upright (such as in the case of Real Techniques brushes) can cause the water to run down the bristles, weakening the glue which holds your brushes together (and can therefore cause your brushes to shed.

A great way of drying your brushes is by using The Brush Bar. As you can see in the photos above, this allows you to dry your brushes in the optimal way – upside down, to minimise any damage done to the brush. The Brush Bar has been designed to hold on to all types of brushes, whether they are big or small, and by drying the brushes upside down, this helps to maintain their shape and help them dry faster. I normally keep this on the edge of the bathroom sink with a towel placed underneath to soak up any water as the brushes dry off. Shop here.

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