5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Energy Without Caffeine | Why I Avoid Coffee

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All the offices that I worked in have had one thing in common – and that is a mad rush of people running towards the coffee machine every morning! And whilst everyone scrambled to the kitchen to make themselves a mug of coffee, I would sit peacefully at my desk making the most of some quiet office time.

Sometimes I would take this one step further and sip on some chamomile tea at my desk whilst receiving some weird looks from my co-workers because how is a person supposed to feel awake without a cup (or 3) of coffee?!

The truth is, I can easily get through the day without drinking any coffee, and I love the fact that I don’t need to rely on a daily dose of caffeine to feel energised and able to face the day. I used to be a regular coffee drinker when I was at college and did find that it sometimes helped me concentrate better on my tasks. However, as I was later diagnosed with anxiety and had to reduce my caffeine intake, I discovered new ways of boosting my energy throughout the day and feel so much better for it. Nowadays, the only times I drink coffee are when I’ve got a tension headache, as I find it does wonders to help ease the pain. During the rest of the time, I normally stick to decaffeinated tea or herbal teas (check out some of my favourite herbal teas here). Below are 5 easy ways to boost your energy without caffeine.[/pipdig_padded_text]


1. Sing along to your favourite tunes!

One of the best (and scientifically proven) ways to boost your energy is to listen to music and – if the situation allows it – to belt it out to your heart’s content! Although you may not be able to do this while you’re at work or college, there are several ways in which you can add some energising music to your day. Put some tunes on whilst having a refreshing morning shower (using these products) to help wake you up, play your favourite Spotify playlist in the car on the way to work, or listen to something you love with some headphones if you use public transport. (I’d recommend a good dose of Olly Murs ‘Dance With Me Tonight’ if you’re stuck for ideas!)

2. Hydrate!

‘Drink more water’ is possibly the most boring and repetitive piece of advice ever given. Hungover? Drink more water. Want to lose weight? Drink more water. Dry skin? Drink more water. However, as annoying as it is, drinking more water is the answer to a lot of problems – including a lack of energy. Since your brain is mostly made up of water, keeping yourself hydrated allows you to think, focus and concentrate better on the task at hand, whilst also giving you an energy boost and fighting off fatigue. Your body is naturally dehydrated when you wake up from a long sleep, so I like to start my day by drinking a glass of water and I always keep a bottle of water with me throughout the day to remind myself to drink regularly.

3. Treat yourself to energy-boosting snacks!

As a food-lover and someone who tends to suffer from the odd HANGRY episode, preparing a few healthy snacks to munch on throughout the day is one of my favourite ways to feel more awake (and just generally happy, ha!). As the weather has been quite warm this summer, I have been really enjoying frozen watermelon slices to keep me cool, refreshed and energised. And because watermelons are made up of over 90% water, they are also great for keeping hydrated. Other great energy-packed treats include bananas, yoghurt, popcorn, almonds and berries. Check out my recent post on the best healthy snacks for a sweet tooth.

4. Sit down less, move around more!

If your day normally consists of sitting down for long periods of time, you may have experienced the familiar feeling of being drained, lethargic, and completely worn-out just from sitting idle all day.  And although the idea of going on a short walk probably sounds as appealing as having a baby screaming in your ear all night as you try to get some sleep, it’s actually one of the best ways to feel more awake! Going for a short 10 minute walk increases the blood flow in your body, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach your cells, stimulate your brain and heart, and help you feel more alert. Increasing your exercise throughout the day also helps you get a better night’s sleep so you will feel more energised the next day too!


Apart from being a proven stress-buster (and don’t we all need some of that during the day!?), laughter is a scientifically-proven and fantastic way of boosting your energy! A good, hearty laugh raises your blood pressure and boosts your heart rate, helping to pump you up when you’re feeling sluggish. So share a joke with your co-workers, or allow yourself to enjoy 5 minutes on YouTube – all in the name of being more productive in the long-run of course!


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