The Most Expensive Journey I Would Go On


One of my favourite things to do in life is to explore new places. I’ve previously mentioned on my blog that I can be quite an anxious flyer. However, as soon as I arrive at my destination, I’m loving life!

I recently came across a post on The Taxi Centre, which got me thinking about expensive journeys, and what would be the most expensive journey that I would love to go on. I have only travelled to place around Europe and would absolutely love to travel to other continents and countries. Below are some of the places I would absolutely love to visit on a round-the-world journey!

New York

New York is one of those places that I have wanted to visit for ages! After seeing it in so many films, TV series and pretty much everywhere online, it’s one of the top places that I would love to visit. Whether it’s taking a walk through Central Park, visiting The Met, seeing what Times Square is really like, or doing a spot of shopping, New York is one of those places that is packed with things to do!


Another place which I would love to visit in the States is California. One of the places high up in my ‘to visit’ list is of course Disneyland! I have been obsessed with all things Disney since I was a child, so this would be a dream come true!  I would also love to visit iconic places such as Venice Beach and the Golden Gate Bridge, and check out places such as Lake Tahoe and Redwood National Park.

South Africa

Anyone who knows me knows just how much I love animals, and I would absolutely love toe visit South Africa to experience all the wildlife. Spending a few days spotting lions, giraffes, rhinos and hippos would be so exciting!


Australia is another one of those places that I’ve always wanted to visit – and having some family live there makes me want to visit even more! Of course there are places such as the Sydney Harbour and Sydney Opera House that I would love to check out for myself, but I would also love to visit Sydney’s Taronga Zoo, walk the Bondi to Coogee trail, explore Melbourne and just experience the Australian way of life.

New Zealand

I’m all for stunning, picturesque places and I believe that New Zealand is definitely a place that is worth taking a trip half way around the world for! A simple Google search for ‘Milford Sound’, ‘Fox Glacier’, ‘Paihia’ and of course, ‘Hobbiton’ makes me want to check in to the next flight to New Zealand asap!

Have you visited any of these places? I’d love your recommendations!


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