At-Home Gel Nails | Sensationail Express Gel Nail Kit Review

Getting your nails done is like an instant boost of confidence and can help you go from feeling scruffy to feeling fabulous! I love painting my own nails as I find it to be so therapeutic, however the results aren’t always long-lasting. This month, I’ve been testing the Sensationail Express Gel Kit which allows you to achieve salon nails at home.

The Sensational Express Gel Starter Kit contains everything you need to achieve amazing looking nails without having to visit a salon. For £34.99, this includes the gel polish, LED lamp,  nail buffer, manicure stick and instructions. The shade I received was ‘Made Him Blush’, a pretty soft pink colour which is perfect for the summer. You can then purchase more shades separately from the starter kit for £10 from Boots.

I couldn’t wait to try out the product because I really wasn’t sure what to expect and how easy or difficult it would be. As I mentioned, I normally prefer to paint my own nails and only got my nails done professionally once – so I was testing this out as a real newbie! I started by making sure that my nails were clean and free from dirt, plugging in the LED lamp into the socket, and painting a thin layer of the gel polish onto my nails.

I immediately noticed that the gel polish didn’t have the strong smell that regular nail polish does, which I wasn’t expecting. Although I love painting my nails, the only thing I dislike is the smell as it can sometimes give me a headache, so the fact that this was scent-free receives a big thumbs up from me! 

The instructions said that you are supposed to apply a thin coat, then cure your nails under the LED lamp for 30 seconds. As I placed my nails under the LED lamp, a purple light automatically lit up. This blinked on and off after 15 seconds and automatically switched off after 30 seconds which I thought was pretty clever – especially for an at-home kit – as you can use it without timing it yourself.

I then went on to apply a second coat, just like the instructions said, and cured my nails for a further 30 seconds. This dried the gel polish on my nails and left my nails looking super shiny, as you can see in the photo below!

At £34.99 for the starter kit and £10 for additional colours, I think the Sensational Gel Express range is well worth the price, especially considering how easy it was to use and how fantastic the results were! I also found the process really relaxing – just like a little pamper sesh. If you’re like me and prefer to do your own nails, this kit is a must-have!

Available from Boots

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