My Sunglasses Collection | Ray-Ban, Armani, Primark + More

As I wear sunglasses pretty much on a daily basis nowadays, I’ve accumulated quite a few pairs of sunglasses over the past year. Today I’ll be giving you a sneak peek inside my sunglasses collection, including all of my favourites!

 I almost never wore sunglasses when I was younger. However, more recently I’ve found that my eyes have gotten more sensitive to sunlight – and the thought of being stuck outside without a pair of sunglasses makes my head hurt! In addition to this, everyone knows how important it is to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays, and isn’t that just the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a new pair of sunnies!?


Ray-Ban RB3044 Aviator Sunglasses

The Ray-Ban RB3044 aviator sunglasses were my first ever pair of ‘proper’ sunglasses, which I got back on a trip to Rome in 2010. As these were quite expensive compared to any other sunglasses I’d owned, I knew I wanted to invest in a classic pair that wouldn’t go out of style – and 7 years on they are still one of my favourite pairs of sunglasses that I own! I decided to go for the signature gold frame/ green lens combination, and as I have quite a small face, I went for the small 52mm size which fits me perfectly. You can see what they look like on me in this post. I think it’s definitely worth investing in your sunglasses, especially when going for a classic style.

Ray-Ban RB3447 Round Flat Lenses Sunglasses

This pair of Ray-Ban RB3447s is one of the latest additions to my sunglasses collection that I bought earlier this summer – and also one of my favourites! Aren’t they just beautiful!? I never thought that I would be able to pull off round sunglasses, however these ones kept popping up on my Instagram feed until I finally thought I would give them a go. Apart from giving off a cool and casual vibe with their iconic round shape, it’s their colour which makes them even more special. The Copper Flash lenses, which give off a rose gold vibe, are just gorgeous. I love wearing these on fun days out!


Ray-Ban RB4184 Light Havana Sunglasses

This is my ‘winter pair’ of sunglasses which I pretty much live in during the colder and not-so-sunny months. As the lens is a brown gradient that is not so dark, it’s great for cloudier days when you want to reduce glare without everything looking super dark.  I love that this pair of sunglasses is slightly bigger than most of the other pairs that I own – perfect for no makeup days. 

Emporio Armani EA4060 Sunglasses

Although these are quite similar to my Ray-Ban RB4184 sunglasses, above, this pair of Emporio Armani sunglasses also has a special place in my collection. Apart from looking super sleek and stylish with their large square shape, gradient brown lenses, and with the Armani logo added to the corners of the frames, this is my only pair of polarised sunglasses. Polarised sunglasses are great for reducing glare and enhancing the contrast of your vision in sunlight – they feel really easy on the eyes.


H&M Round Sunglasses 

After falling in love with my round Ray-Ban RB3447 sunglasses with the copper flash lenses, I really wanted to get my hands on a pair of similar sunglasses in a gold frame/green lens combination. I found this pair of sunnies from H&M which cost just £6.99. These are fantastic dupes for the Ray-Ban RB3447’s and although they are much cheaper, they still offer UV400 protection – something that is important to look out, especially for when purchasing cheaper sunglasses!


Ray-Ban RB4246 Clubround Sunglasses – Lookalikes from Primark

There are so many iconic styles from Ray-Ban that I love – however I obviously cannot afford them all! When I first spotted this pair of Ray-Ban lookalikes in Primark I couldn’t resist picking up a pair, especially as they only cost around £3. Although Primark sunglasses generally aren’t the best quality, they still offer UV protection, so even if they don’t last longer than a couple of months, it’s still worth checking out Primark’s sunglasses collection for a good bargain!


Ray-Ban RB3016 Clubmaster Sunglasses – Lookalikes from Primark

Another great pair of dupes from Primark – this time for the popular Ray-Ban RB3016 Clubmaster sunglasses. I got my hands on this pair of sunglasses last summer for just £2, however I spotted them in Primark once again this year, so it’s worth popping into your local Primark if you’d like a pair for yourself. Again, these offer UV protection and I think they look much more pricey than they actually are! Isn’t the rose gold detailing so pretty!? Full post here.

Polaroid PLD6010 Prescription Sunglasses

After years of struggling of wearing contact lenses or else struggling to see clearly whenever I wore sunglasses, I finally got my hands on a pair of prescription sunglasses earlier this year. I love the classic round shape of these sunglasses and I really like the fact that the frame is blue rather than your typical gold or silver. A really comfortable and easy pair of sunnies to wear! Full post here.


Aviator Style Prescription Sunglasses

Of course, I had to get a pair of my fave aviator style sunglasses with prescription lenses. I think that aviator style sunglasses are universally flattering and look good on pretty much all face shapes. Full post here.


Which one is your favourite pair of sunglasses? Let me know in the comments section. I’d also love to know your favourite place to shop for sunglasses!