How To Unwind After Work & Get The Best Night’s Sleep


One of the best feelings in life is getting home after a long day at work, changing into the comfiest clothes you own and chilling out. However, it’s not always easy to wind down, especially if you’ve had a particularly stressful day at work.

Today I’m collaborating with The Bed Station (who incidentally have some pretty gorgeous oak ottoman beds on their website!) to share my tips on how to unwind after a day at work and get the best night’s sleep – which you deserve.

Step 1 – Work clothes off, COMFIES ON!

The first step to unwind after a long day at work is to get changed out of your work clothes – whether that’s your work uniform or your own office wear, it’s pretty much impossible to relax when you’ve still got your work clothes on. My favourite thing to do as soon as I get home from work is to get in the shower, wash off all those work vibes (trust me, it works) and slip into the comfiest clothes I own. If it’s still early in the day I tend to change into a sports bra, comfy tee and shorts or jogging pants, but if it’s starting to get late I love getting into a fresh pair of PJs!

Step 2 – Switch off from work

The next step is to switch off from anything that is work-related. It’s easy to get caught up in work-related problems, even when you’re at home. However, it’s actually been proven that you need a break from work in order to be more productive in the long-run. One of the easiest ways to switch off from work is to completely turn off your email notifications once you get home. The idea of not checking your work emails while you’re not at work might take a bit of getting used to, but once you experience the sheer bliss of not being held captive by your email inbox, you won’t want to go back!

Step 3 – Quality me-time

Whether you’ve got just 5 minutes or 30, it’s so important to enjoy even just a bit of quality me-time once you get home from work. Whether that is laying down on the sofa for 10 minutes or treating yourself to a quick bath, take some time out to focus on yourself – after all, you’ve probably spent the whole day focusing on everything and everyone BUT yourself! Read a book, catch up on your favourite YouTube channels, cook a relaxing meal – do something you enjoy to help yourself unwind.

Step 4 – Bed time prep

We all know that using technology right before going to bed can negatively impact your sleep. However, equally, we all know just how hard it is to avoid looking at some sort of screen before going to sleep – whether you’re scrolling through Instagram, catching up on Netflix or texting your friends, many of us find it hard to switch off from technology before sleeping. If you find this hard, try reducing your screen-time gradually – start by avoid screens for 15 minutes before bed, then gradually build up to an hour – you’ll thank yourself for it.

Step 5 – Get ready for the best night’s sleep!

Taking the time to properly unwind after work is a great step to ensuring that you get a good night’s sleep. However, don’t just stop there! Grab yourself a good book, add a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil to the underside of your pillow and put on a sleeping mask (seriously, they’re life-changing!) – that way, you won’t need to count up to more than 3 sheep before nodding off, and waking up feeling super refreshed![/pipdig_padded_text]

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