How To Make Your Home, Homier!

Finding the perfect décor for your home can sometimes be a struggle. You might have decorated perfectly, have top of the range furniture, not a stitch out of place but if it doesn’t have that ‘homey’ feel , is it really somewhere you find relaxing? Surely a home should be an easy place to be in? It should be a place to make memories, a place to slob on the sofa for a Netflix marathon, a place for pizza takeout and home-cooked brownies, a place for arguments over the remote and laughter over stories of old times.

 Of course, having a home look ‘nice’ is something everyone wants. It’s ok to want to impress your guests with nice décor, those posh cushions from Next Home and your perfectly curated IKEA sofa – but at the same time, don’t you want them to feel at ease? Feel as if they can put their feet up and sit back with a cuppa? (Shoes off obviously). Here are a few ways you can make your home feel that little bit homier.


Some people have a slight aversion to too many photos around the house. Some people think it’s ‘cheesy’ and some people just generally don’t like their space to seem too cluttered. However, displaying photos and memories doesn’t have to be overdone, and there are plenty of ways to subtly display photos without your home turning into a real life collage. Printing photos from your Instagram of Facebook page is super easy and cheap and you can even get Polaroid style prints. Why not get a piece of string and a couple of pegs and hang them up in a sort of photo washing line? It looks great and is also a way of displaying a good number of photos without it feeling overwhelming or cluttered. The photos will add a little character to any room – and better still, it’s cheap and cheerful.

Add a Throw (or 4)

Throws are a great way of making your living room seem that little bit cosier as sometimes big, blank sofas can seem a little cold and uninviting. I’m not suggesting a grandma-style patchwork contraption as we all know too many patterns can cause a décor disaster, but there are some really gorgeous choices out there that will complement your living room or bedroom no end. Plus, there is nothing better than chilling out wrapped in a blanket like a giant Burrito – don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Fairy Lights

Forget the tacky colours and flashing bulbs that you wrap round a Christmas tree, there are a huge range of string lights that can actually look classy and sophisticated when hung in the bedroom or living room. Small lights with a golden glow create a fab, cosy atmosphere and will give any room that ‘homey’ feel when lit on their own. They also act as additional decoration and look great hung around bed posts or fire places!

Get a Wood Burner

Wood Burners are a great alternative to the traditional fireplace and not only do they generate enough heat to save you a fair amount of money on your energy bills, they also create a super cosy atmosphere which will take any sized room from cold and dull to bright, warm and welcoming. Wood burners come in all different shapes and sizes and you don’t need a huge space to have one installed.

Re-decorate your Hallway

Your hallway is the first thing anyone notices when they enter your home. Whether you have a small space with a narrow hallway, a bigger, more open entry room or no hallway at all, you want the first space your guests see when stepping through your front door to be warm and inviting. Think light and airy colours and maybe even some greenery to bring things to life. I’m also a fan of slogan door mats – but understand these aren’t for everyone!

This is a collaborative post.