5 Films & TV Series I Love To Watch

I’m quite picky when it comes to finding a film or TV series that I love. I enjoy watching stuff that doesn’t involve much thinking, something light, funny and not too intense. So when I do actually come across a film or series that I enjoy, I pretty much binge-watch it until the series is over (or re-watch it several times if it’s a film!).

Today I’ll be sharing 5 films and TV series which I’m addicted to. And if you’re a film-addict, check out this awesome quiz, where you can try to guess the name of iconic movies that everyone loves from their cars!

1. Bridget Jones Baby

Out of all the films I’ve watched, loved and re-watched, Bridget Jones’ Diary is most definitely up in my top 3! I just love the feel-good vibe it brings along with it, as well as the humour and well, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth #needisaymore!? Needless to say, when Bridget Jones Baby was released last year I flocked to the cinema on release day, and I’ve got to say it might have taken number 1 spot in my list of favourite ever films! Love Bridget too? Check out this post I wrote!

2. Notting Hill

I basically grew up watching Hugh Grant films, and I remember Notting Hill being the first one that I watched (and really enjoyed). Again, this is one of those films that’s got a feel-good vibe to it and one that I’ll always stick on when I want something comforting and funny to watch.

3. The Apprentice UK

Moving on to TV series, The Apprentice is one of those shows that I absolutely love to watch every year. I never really took an interest in it until a few years ago – and once I got into watch it I was totally hooked! Although the series is light, fun entertainment, I love that there’s a business side to it, and I remember finding the series really eye-opening the first time I watched it and started to discover how businesses made money.

4. Gavin and Stacey

I couldn’t possibly list down my favourite films and TV shows without including Gavin and Stacey. I’ve watched the episodes over more times than I can count – and I pretty much know the whole script by heart. However, I still absolutely love it. It’s the perfect pick-me-up on a bad day, and I may or may not have forced my family to re-watch the Christmas special every single Christmas Eve for the past few years.

5. Love Island

I wasn’t really a fan of Love Island last year or the year before, but something changed this year – I just couldn’t get enough of it, and I cannot wait until it’s back on our screens next summer! Every single episode this year was just pure entertainment, the challenges were great and I really grew to like the contestants on this year’s series. As soon as the series was over last week, I was straight on the contestants’ Insta-stories just so it can feel like Love Island isn’t over yet! Anyone else!?

This is a collaborative post.