My Brow-volution | How My Brows Have Changed Over The Years

I’m not one of those people who has been obsessed with my brows for many years. In fact, I’ve only really started taking proper care of them, and including them in my makeup routine over the last couple of years. Before then, my brows were kind of … meh.

Stupidly, I used to think that whether I took care of my brows or not didn’t really make much of a difference to the way I looked and I thought that the only way to improve the appearance of your brows is by filling them in with a (very unnatural looking) pencil or tweezing them. To be fair, I never had overly bushy brows or thin, non-existent ones, however my brows definitely lacked any sort of definition or shape. Here’s a (very) old snap I found over on Facebook:

Over the last couple of years I started experimenting with different eyebrow products, starting from good old powder which promised to give a more natural look than eyebrow pencils – and it definitely did. However, filling in my eyebrows using a powder proved to be quite time consuming and something that I would regularly end up missing out of my makeup routine. Since then, I’ve been constantly on the hunt for different eyebrow products that would work better with my routine, and I have discovered that Eylure do a pretty amazing eyebrow range!

Eylure is a brand I’ve always associated with amazing lash products and it’s only recently that I found out they have a great range of products to help make your eyebrows look their best! Last year I reviewed the Eylure Brow Stencils, which are great for giving your brows a gorgeous, arched shape, especially if you prefer to tweeze your brows at home rather than getting them done at a salon.

Recently, I’ve incorporated a number of Eylure products into my eyebrow routine, depending on the look I’m going for – natural and quick for everyday, or more defined brows for a stronger look.


On those days when I really want to make an effort with my brows, I love using the Eylure Waterproof Brow Pomade. I got mine in the shade ‘blonde’ which is a great match for my brows. The Brow Pomade is super creamy and long-lasting, and it is capable of concealing a multitude of eyebrow sins – whether they are in need of tidying up or they’ve been over-plucked. I normally apply this using the Brow Duo Brush & Wand, which makes it super easy to sculpt and define the brows.

As we all know, there are some days when makeup has to be super quick and easy – and the Eylure Brow Magician is absolutely perfect for those kinds of days! The Brow Magician is a 2-in-1 brow kit with an angled long-wear crayon on one end, and a pigmented brow mascara on the other end. This is slightly less pigmented than the Brow Pomade and it looks a lot better with more natural makeup looks, such as when I’m not wearing liquid liner, than the Brow Pomade does! This is a product I would recommend for anyone who is either starting out with brow products, or wants something that is quick and natural.

Some other brow products from Eylure that I think are definitely worth mentioning are the Brow Tame & Define Wax, which is a clear wax to set your brows in place with a super strong hold, as well as the Brow Contour, which is a dual-ended chubby pencil and matte highlighter – great for quick daytime brows!

 How have your brows changed over the years?

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