Top 10 Rental Cars in the UK | Guest Post

Sometimes, taking a long summer holiday just isn’t affordable. Don’t despair, however. There are so many sights you can see right here in the UK, and hiring a car to travel in could turn out to be one of the best decisions of your summer.

Why not visit Portmeirion in a beautiful Fiat 500, or take the whole family to the staggering Cornwall beaches in the giant Ford Galaxy? There is no doubt that UK holidays are on the up, so why not travel in style across the country. Below are some of the top rated rental cars in the UK. Many of these cars can be rented from car rental services in the UK such as PSD, who are based in Liverpool.

Kia Picanto

The Kia Picanto is one of the top rated rental cars here in the UK. This is mostly down to its name. Kia has marketed this car as their city car, which is perfect for navigating tight spaces. However, this doesn’t mean that the car itself is tiny. With spacious interiors, the car is perfect if you’re a couple looking to travel around the country in a practical rental car.

The Picanto was debuted in 2014 and has since received some lovely face lifts. It also has a great reputation in terms of safety on the road.

Ford Ka

Again, the Ford Ka is perfect for couples looking for adventure this summer. The compact design both in and outside of the car is great for perusing UK cities and urban landscapes alike, and the solid steel design is tough if you’re ever involved in a collision on the road.

Nissan Micra

The Micra is a classic car. The model itself has been in production since 1982 and has been on the roads as a rental car for two decades. The new K12 model, introduced in 2012, of this vehicle is unrecognisable from its predecessors, with a great new design and colour range to suit your needs on the roads.

Citroen C3

Originally released on UK roads back in 2002, the Citroen C3 was a replacement for the Citroen Saxo. In 2016, the car was revamped with a brand new design and is well known for its amazing safety records on the road. Inside the car is spacious, and the boot has room for 3 suitcases, including smaller bags. If you’re a big camper, this could be the ideal rental opportunity for you.

Toyota Aygo

As Toyota’s version of a city car, the Aygo has a peculiar but interesting design and is perfect for those looking to rent on a budget. This car is so widely celebrated that it even appears on the list of cheap and safe cars on the road this year.

Ford Fiesta

Available in both a 3 and 5 door model, the Fiesta features include a self-cleaning windscreen, amazing fog light, and the option to sync your phone to the car itself – which is great for listening to your tunes on long journeys.

In terms of legroom, the Fiesta is quite capable of holding a lot of bags/essentials in the boot, whilst comfortably fitting three people in the back seat.

Ford Mondeo

As a large top end car, this is great if you’re looking to arrive in style to your desired location. The design of this car is sleek and is host to a large range of tech perfect for the geeks out there. The boot of the Mondeo can hold up to four suitcases, and the spacious interior is not to be sniffed at.

Ford Galaxy

The Ford Galaxy is a monster. With 7 seats inside that allow plenty of legroom, this is the perfect car for families looking to travel around the UK this summer. The model also comes with amazing safety records on the road, thanks to its tough exterior.

Transit Tourneo

The Tourneo is a people carrier with insane amounts of power. The Tourneo can comfortably fit 9 people and is perfect for making business trips or a long journey with large groups of people. If you’re looking to book a hen do, or you would like to travel across the country with friends, the Tourneo would be perfect!

Ford Focus

With a redesign which trumps its competitors, the new and improved Focus comes complete with Sat Nav, Bluetooth control and more gadgets. You can also connect your phone to the car thanks to the USB tech inside.

The Focus also comes with automated climate control, which will ensure a great environment inside the vehicle.

Guest post by Gina Kay Daniel

*This is a guest post.*