Long Distance Relationships

Family means something different to every one of us, and there is no longer a ‘standard’ type of family as there may have once been in society. In addition to this, who you consider to be your ‘family’ might not only include your actual relatives…

In today’s post, I am collaborating with Slater and Gordon to share my experience of what family means to me, as well as long-distance relationships – something which my life seems to have become quite full of lately!

Being an only child, I have always considered my family to be my mum and my dad and I am very lucky to have a great relationship with them both, which means a lot to me. Having no brothers or sisters meant that, as I’ve grown up, I’ve become more and more appreciative of those people in my life who are more like family than friends – ┬áthe ones that I feel comfortable sharing everything with. Most of my very best friends all now live abroad. Some of them always have lived in another country, yet technology has made it possible to us to (virtually) meet and keep in touch almost on a daily basis, whilst others moved overseas in the last few years. Although we may not see each other often it’s amazing how nowadays it’s possible to build and maintain friendships with certain people when you live so far away, all thanks to the Internet! If you had to think about it, there is surely one person in your life who you’d never have met if it hadn’t been for the Internet – and now they feel just like a part of your family!

As I mentioned, my life has become full of long distance relationships with people who feel just like family over the past few years – one of them also being with my boyfriend! My boyfriend and I have been together for just under 4 years now, and although we’ve lived in different countries for most of this time, I would still consider him to be one of the people in my life who I feel closest with. All this is thanks to numerous trips abroad, lots of Skype calls and iMessages!

I think that no matter who you consider your ‘family’ to be, no matter how far they are, (and no matter how cheesy this may sound), the most important thing is to show your appreciation to the ones you love.

This is a collaborative post.