Makeup Trends I Wouldn’t Normally Wear | Smokey Eyes #RachelTriesMakeup

This week, I’m challenging myself to try out some of the beauty trends I would normally avoid – whether that’s because they’re out of my comfort zone or I simply haven’t quite mastered the skill yet! Today’s post is definitely a case of having not quite mastered the skill yet as I have attempted (badly) brown smokey eyes.

[Note: This post almost didn’t make it online as I admit, I’m just not great at smokey eyes!]

I love the look of brown smokey eyes – they can look super sexy and great on nights out. However, I’m not a qualified makeup artist. I love beauty and trying out new makeup products and techniques, but there are definitely some techniques I am better at than others. In fact, give me a winged liner look over a smokey eye any day! 

 The trick to a great looking smokey eye is lots of practice, as well as lots and lots (x100) of blending, which I should have definitely done more of for this look! I started out with some winged liner (BIG MISTAKE, NEVER START A SMOKEY EYE LOOK WITH WINGED LINER #stupididea), then I started building up my eyeshadow using a range of light brown, mid-brown, bronze and gold shades, each time blending the eyeshadow out until there was no visible eyeshadow line (or so I thought, until I had a look at the photos).  I also blended some of the eyeshadow beneath my lower lash line and I applied some black eyeliner in my waterline (a look I was a big fan of in secondary school!).

 Although I wouldn’t consider my attempt at smokey eyes to be a success in this case, I did learn one very important lesson in the smokey eye world:

“When you think you’ve blended your eyeshadow out enough, blend it some more.”

…Oh, and don’t start off with winged eyeliner!

Are you a fan of smokey eyes? Have you mastered the technique?

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